Monday, November 25, 2013

Twas the Week of Thanksgiving

Twas the week of Thanksgiving and nothing was going on, except Turkey Day preparations and home keeping repairs.  Yep, that's the gist of our week.  Planning some serious cleaning in the bedrooms this week.

Friday night, I went to the beach and bought Emmalee a new mattress for her bed.  I also invested in an egg shell, a vinyl cover, a waterproof cloth cover, and two cloth waterproof mats for it.  I want to keep this one looking new for a while.

While I was shopping, I also bought her a new Zebra throw for the bed.  Since Emma is a heavy sleeper and often gets hot at night, I plan to remove her original comforter and let her sleep cozy with the throw.  Plus it's easier to wash with her sheets.

So I will be spending the week cleaning in the girls room, I hope.  I want to go through all their way-to-many clothes and toys, donating those things we no longer need and that don't fit them.  Shoes too - they just have too much stuff!!

What does your Thanksgiving week look like?

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