Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Puddle Tap Publishing: The Nativity Story App {Review}

From Puddle Tap Publishing comes an app for all ages, which shares one of the most joyous occasions known to man.  The Nativity Story App shares the story of the Birth of Jesus for all to share.  This App is one to be viewed again and again by the whole family.

The gorgeous drawings within this app are an immediate crowd-pleaser and the story tells the generationally known story of the birth of Jesus from beginning to end.  Each page of the app has beautifully, interactive pop-ups.  Our favorite parts were the beautifully lit, large Moon and the Angels used throughout the story.

The story begins with a beautiful introduction to Mary and Joseph, and shares a small portion about their love for each other and the gift Mary is about to be blessed with.  Then comes the Angel to advise Mary upon her situation.  Next we find Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem.  How many doors will they knock on before they find just the right one: the generous man who offers them a stable to sleep in.  Baby Jesus arrives and an Angel appears to spread the word to all on this blessed occasion.

It's a timeless story that is not soon forgotten.  The Nativity Story App presents this story of the Birth of Jesus beautifully, complete with the Angels singing at the end.  In the words of my 5 year old, "it is gorgeous".

Puddle Tap Publishing has truly outdone themselves with this app.  You can purchase The Nativity Story App from iTunes for $3.99.  It is worth every penny and is a story you will want to read again and again with this fully interactive display presentation.

*Disclaimer - I was provided this app free for review in a blog post from Propeller Reviews and Puddle Tap Publishing.  I am including this disclaimer in accordance with FTC Guidelines and Regulations.

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