Monday, December 16, 2013

Putting On The Spirit {Review}

Have you found your self struggling to keep up with the Word of God as a busy Mom?  Is your time short and are your days rushed with little time to look at the Bible, much less read it?  Do you find that your prayers go up quickly but there is no room for anything else but yet you'd like to add in that sweet devotional time with the Lord?

Look no further than Putting On The Spirit by Katie Hornor.  Putting On The Spirit is a one month devotional that literally takes 10 minutes from your day to do.  In 10 minutes, you can find yourself surrounded by the Lord's love and word even on the busiest of days.

Katie is a busy Mom just like you.  She wrote Putting On The Spirit because she understands how valuable our time as a Mom is.  She understands what it's like to raise children, keep a home, job, and family going.  She herself has struggled the same struggle as us, in keeping up with her devotional studies all while maintaining real life.

Putting On The Spirit is a one month study, designed to be completed in only 10 minutes a day for the course of the month used.  Concentrating on the Fruit of the Spirit, this devotional challenges you, Busy Mom, to examine yourself and your life in the light of Scriptures to better yourself and even those around you through the daily lessons as well.  It is bound to be a blessing in your life.

Putting On The Spirit is available in both English and Spanish for Kindle download.  The retail price is $4.99 and it's well worth the cost.  As a bonus, a Katie has also provided a downloadable workbook to go along with the study for free!

After the Foreword and the beautifully written Introduction, the eBook begins with the good stuff: Breaking down the Fruits of the Spirit into daily bites that can be covered in those 10 minutes a day.  You will cover Love, Joy, Peace, Long Suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Meekness, Self Control and finally, putting it all together in Putting On The Whole Fruit.  This is followed by the Appendix where Katie share her testimony in Faith and more.

Each of Putting On The Spirit's devotional chapters are broken down into days.  Each day begins with a verse from the Bible.  This is followed by a very quick explanation of what's been read or an activity to build on what you are revealing in the Word itself.  The segment is wrapped up with short questions to get you thinking about the meaning of the scripture and to help build your prayer on the subject for that day.

Each day of the devotional provides a different experience which really helps you to build upon the lessons being learned and allows you to wrap yourself into the Scripture.  Since the devotion only takes 10 minutes, this really allows you to meditate on that one verse throughout your day, though it does leave you anxious to get to the next day as well.  I found that to be a good thing, leaving me wanting to move forward with the study where so many others have left me feeling empty and dry.

The beautifully designed workbook that Katie has created to go along with the Putting On The Spirit devotional study, is a wonderful place to work through each days lesson requirements.  This can be printed and placed into a notebook for easy use as your read through your day's devotion.  It is 29 pages long and provides plenty of space for writing out details for each devotion.

Putting On The Spirit is 25 pages long and available on Kindle for $4.99.  It's available in English and Spanish.  The bonus workbook is FREE.

You can read more about Katie Hornor and Putting On The Spirit on her website Paradise Praises.  You can also find Paradise Praises on Facebook and Twitter.

Putting On The Spirit has been such a blessing to me over the past few weeks!  I'm more than certain you will love it too!  


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