Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spreading Awareness In A Damaged World

Let me just start by stating that the world today is not what it used to be.  So many people lack respect for others.  People think they are entitled to whatever the world has offered up to them without consequence.

I recently made the mistake of not putting my stamp onto my Epilepsy Awareness images.  I didn't want to stamp them because I didn't want them to link back to me or my page.  I asked they be shared with others so that they could spread awareness, not gain me fame.  I realize now that was a huge mistake.

I found my images online the other day, recreated into someone else's work and claiming them as her own.  Her stamp was now on them and there was no credit to the original creator though I am really easy to find.  No message to me asking for permission to use my work and recreate it into her own.  

I'm upset to say the least and disappointed in this young woman who has been using others images as her own for a while now.  Those of us who take time to put our hearts into supporting this cause are being ripped off by so many like this person.  They are taking our work and crediting themselves to it without considering the effort it took to create these images in support of the awareness they bring.  

Because of this, I have removed my images and reissued them with my photography copyright on them. They will bring attention to me and my pages which was never my wish.  But they will also bring awareness for this cause I am part of without a choice.  

Epilepsy is a MONSTER.  It's the worst thing ever.  And it's my wish for others to understand just how this disorder affects myself, my family and so many others like us.  Please help spread awareness by sharing these images and standing up for Epilepsy Awareness as well.

I spread Epilepsy Awareness for my children.

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