Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dr. Craft's Active Play! {Crew Review}

Young children are always on the move.  This often makes it challenging to keep them occupied.  Their constant need for activity can often be challenging for adults to come up with new ideas to challenge them.

This is where Dr. Craft's Active Play! comes in.  Dr. Diane Craft, with the help of Craig Smith, has created an excellent program.  Designed to be used with Toddlers and Preschoolers, this program is sure to keep children moving and learning.  The activities are entertaining and challenging but not too overwhelming for young children to do.

Dr. Craft's Active Play! comes in a spiral bound book, made to lay flat or fold so that the educator can read the book easily while working with children.  Also included is an award winning DVD for the educator to view to see just how the activities work in real experiences.  This is a great bonus to better understanding the suggested activities.

Through the beginning of the book, the educator learns the importance of physical activity in young children and how children learn through physical activity.  The educator will also learn how to lead these activities with young children and how to prevent such activities from getting out of hand while working through them.

Activities like All Stop and Go to Music, Feed the Penguin, Clean Up The Floor, Easy Kicking and more are included in this book.  Every activity gets the child up and moving, keeping them entertained while teaching important skills in the process.  The activities can easily be tweaked so that children don't become bored with the activities each time they are used.

I used this book with all three of my older children which allowed my youngest to have the most enjoyment with the program.  She really enjoyed the All Stop and Go Music activity which we took turns controlling the music for.  We also took turns leading the activities we tried which encouraged leadership skills in all of my children.

Clean Up The Floor is an activity I adapted to fit us by having the children really clean up the floor.  We carefully tossed soft and light weight toys into boxes across the room as we picked up things that were out of place.  We also stretched streamers across the space to make this more challenging.  Once the items were up and in boxes, I had the children put them away.  This activity was great for encouraging cleaning and listening skills at the same time.

Another activity that we enjoyed was the Outdoor Obstacle Course which we created using our small playgym, our glass table and netting.  The kids really enjoyed climbing over the netting, under the table and over the play gym.  This was a great occupational and physical therapy activity.  The textures and physical activity worked great.

Dr. Craft's Active Play! will be a program I continue to use with Laycie and my other children.  The ideas are extremely helpful for working with her therapy-wise at home.  My older children benefit from the physical activity and the bonding time spent together.

Dr. Craft's Active Play! book and DVD set are available for $39.  This book contains 52 challenging activities and is created for use with Toddlers and Preschoolers, though I also used my program with my older children.  It's perfect for special needs children too!


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This Scarlett Cord {BookSneeze Review}

Joan Wolf is a 30 year veteran of Romance writing.  She has provided great reading material in the genre's of Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Historical Novels and more.  Her series of biblical based fictions is unlike anything I've ever read.

The Scarlet Cord tells the love story of Rahab.  Rahab is a Canaanite woman from the times of battle in Jericho. Rahab aided the Israelite people by hanging a scarlet cord from her window to give warning.  Though this was a dangerous thing to do, this brave and beautiful young woman took much risk to help a cause she believed in and follow her faith in the meantime.

While preforming this brave action, Rahab also finds her one true love, Sala.  Sala is an Israelite boy who saves her in more than one way.  Her love of Sala and her strength to do what is write leads her to find her greatest love of all: The Love of God.  Both were everlasting and unconditional loves that she never thought she'd find.

Though this book is fictional, it does have a biblical story line.  The story of Rahab has been created from the events of the time period from biblical accounts.  I found the story intriguing and easy to follow.  It was very much enjoyable and it has led me to want to read more Historical Fiction from Joan Wolf.
This wonderful book, The Scarlet Cord,  from Joan Wolf can be found online for $15.99.  Joan Wolf is also the writer of A Reluctant Queen and the recently released novel, Daughter of Jerusalem.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://BookSneeze®.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Math Rider {Crew Review}

The Intelligent Math Facts Game
Have fun and build confidence!

We had so much fun with Math Rider last year that we decided to review it again this year!  Math Rider is a fun, interactive math facts game created for kids of all ages and stages learning important basic math skills.  Math Rider is a game that children will want to play again and again all the while learning in the process.

Math Rider teaches the basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Children create a character who will be riding Shadow the Horse across the Land of Ray.  The Land of Ray is a beautifully designed matte-painted fantasy land that children will greatly enjoy.  

As children work through their quest they will find magical flowers, gems for elves and they even rescue a princess all while working on their math skills.  There are four quests from easy to master to complete.  Rewards change throughout the quests as children unlock and complete their missions.  

Math Rider allows for more than one child to use the system learning needed facts.  This worked well for us since we have three children learning at different levels currently.  My oldest daughter truly enjoys this program while she's working on her math facts simply because there is a horse involved.  She is my animal lover.  My son loves the simplicity and ease of the program.  Because of it's easy to use programming, I plan to start my 5 year old on it very soon.

Math Rider sells for $47 and includes free software updates for life.  A free 7 day full-version trial is available on the website for immediate use.  


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*Additional photos used were from my review of this product last year:

VeggieTales' The Little House That Stood {Review}

VeggieTales is a family favorite around our house.  We are long time collectors of this wonderful Christian series of videos created for young children.  Their hilarious antics get us every time, while teaching a valuable lesson in the video.  The Little House That Stood didn't disappoint in continuing that comedy pleasing tradition.

The Little House That Stood teaches the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders by relating the lesson to the Three Little Pigs story that most children know by heart.   This story teaches children how to make good choices.  It teaches them that when they follow God's paths chosen for them, they can withstand anything.
An added bonus is the story "The Good Egg of Gooseville" which tells the classic story of Humpty Dumpty and how he cracked his shell.  A new silly song is also introduced in this video called Happy Tooth Day.  Many more additional features are also included for viewers to enjoy.

We really love this video, as we love all VeggieTales movies.  The catchy tunes have been sung around our house for weeks and all of my children from youngest to oldest enjoy watching it.

You can purchase your copy online or in store today for around $14.99.  You can find additional activities and a discussion guide on the website to extend your enjoyment of this wonderful children's video.  Don't forget to like VeggieTales on Facebook and follow on Twitter!

"Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Expectations of Home {Thoughts From Me}

I have to admit I was raised by a perfectionist.  My Mother was and still is an amazing woman but she expected her house to be almost "perfect".  I grew up having to follow her strict rules of "put it back in it's place" and "do it my way".

Those of you who know me probably know that I was my Momma's problem child and biggest challenge. We have butted heads many times over the years.  She wants a home that showcases her favorite possessions and looks like a magazine cover.  I want a home that is functional and lived in. I have a hard time getting her to comprehend the difference.

To me, it's important that everything have it's place but that everything in my home is functional and is used for a purpose.  As a homeschooler, I need my space organized for that "classroom" aspect of our days.  As a Mom, I need it to be functional for four fast growing kids who are home every single day.

Now, what my Mother thinks should not effect how my home is run in a normal family but in my family it does.  Since she lives directly behind us and her job is to help me with my children daily, she is often in and out of my home.  She straightens, directs children, helps with meal prep, puts things away as needed, give baths.  Basically, she is an extension of myself and it's a wonderful thing until you realize just how opposite we are in our expectations.

There are days when I get so fed up with choosing a place for things to go and organizing my home it to fit my family to then find it reorganized or out of place because Mom felt it belonged elsewhere, that I find myself doing nothing in my home except the essentials.  With a family of essentially eight and two dogs, this doesn't work well for me.  It leaves my home in a bigger mess than I started out with.

As a Mom of a smaller large family, I can tell you that missing one day of tasks, chores, and household duties leaves us in a much bigger mess than we began with.  Things quickly get out of hand and then it can take days to get caught back up, leaving future plans amiss in the process.  So I strive to do my best not to let us get behind.

My children have daily chores, like laundry and dishes, that they complete to help out.  If the routine is kept fairly well missing one day doesn't hurt but it does mean double the work for the next day.  Missing more than one day leaves us struggling to catch it all back up so I can tell you that doesn't happen often.

I don't currently use a schedule but it's something I really do need to implement in our home.  I probably need to create several lists too but this idea is a new one for me so it's something I'm learning as I go along.  Since my Mother and I are basically total opposites in home management, her ideas don't necessarily work for me, so suggestions from her aren't always helpful.

I really feel for you Momma's that have a bigger family than I do!  You are a true inspiration.  I often take ideas and suggestions from you to fit into our own home.  So if any of you are reading this, please do share in a comment some things that you do to make your homes more manageable for the rest of us who struggle with this daily.

I know I'm on my way in this home organization process but some days it feels that goal is so far away from me - lightyears to be exact.  I want a home that is suitable and happy.  One day I hope that I will get there.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Knowledge Quest: Timeline Builder app {Crew Review}

The creative team at Knowledge Quest has done it again.  Well-known for their creative black line master maps and timelines, Knowledge Quest is continuing to invent products that are easy for any homeschooling family to use.  The Knowledge Quest Timeline Builder App for iPad is no different.

This app allows the user to create a full timeline to use with any history program.  You can create a sample timeline using a specific time span, adding to it as needed or removing things that aren't needed.  The user can also create a new timeline with the specifics needed at the time.

Sample timelines come with facts from the time period already introduced.  The most important characters of the time period are covered, complete with photos for the user to learn with.  This can be added to as needed or removed from as needed.  Images can also be uploaded or found and added from various places online.

New timelines are completely blank, much as they would be when creating your own timeline with weekly and daily lessons.  Images can also be added by uploading or by finding them various places online.  The time period can be set and adjusted as needed with the user able to choose from BCE, BC, AD, and CE periods in time.  Any start or end date can be chosen per timeline.

A name can be specified along with a full description of the timeline you create for any timeline created.  The user can also choose a background to further customize the timeline being created.  And timelines can be switched between simply by clicking on the tabs shown on the app.

Inside the timeline, the user can choose to show the images or hide them as needed.  Zooming in and out to specific periods is also available. You can edit the timeline at any point in time so change background color and specific years needed, as well as era.

Creating a New Event is easy.  Simply click "New Event" at the top of the timeline.  Create an event by entering the event name, description, start and end dates.  Then import an image from the iPad image library or pasteboard.  You can delete images in this option too.

Searching Wikipedia is also an option here.  Clicking this option takes you to Wikipedia to the specifics of the event in question where you can find details, images and learn more about the events.  This allows the student to find more specific information about the event at hand.

Once the timeline is created, you can then share it.  You can save the timeline or event images to photos, send the timeline or events by email and save the event descriptions and timeline event images to a folder for sharing in iTunes.  This allows you access to the timeline in other places than just the app and also allows printing of the timeline specifics as needed.  This also allows you to store the information for future use without needing to keep the timeline on the iPad permanently.  When the timeline is no longer needed you can simply use the delete timeline option to remove it from the app.
I have personally been using Knowledge Quest products in our homeschooling for quite some time now.  We began with their old printed black line maps and now use the available apps and digital programming in various ways in our homeschooling.  Timeline Builder is a great addition to our family of products and is definitely something I plan to continue to use in our homeschooling.  
We used it with our current history lessons, adding various persons and places that we have learned about over the past few weeks.  The great thing is that it doesn't matter what period of history we are in, we can simply go to our timeline and add.  Once the event or person is input into the timeline app, they show up in the appropriate place on the timeline.  If I make a mistake, then it's simple and easy to edit at any point in time.

Knowledge Quest Timeline Builder app is available for iPad through iTunes for $6.99 and is worth every cent.  Stop by Knowledge Quest to purchase your Timeline Builder today!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Leadership Garden Legacy {Crew Review}

Leadership Garden Legacy is a fully enriching curriculum created to empower children with Leadership skills.    This extensive program grows a leader within the student by developing respect, cooperation, team work and more.  Leadership Garden Legacy builds self-esteem and character within.

For this review, I was given the following:

After reading through the program materials, we used the U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids program over the review period once a week.  U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids tells the story of Hugh, a sweet little lost sheep who comes across the Leadership Farm out of the blue.  Leda consoles Hugh and shows him how to be courageous, growing the leader within him.  This journey with Hugh greets many characters and teaches lessons that help leadership grow.

This story book was absolutely adorable.  The 125 page book is fully illustrated in color bringing the characters of Hugh, Leda and the Farm to life for the reader.  My children and I found the story captivating and did not want to put it down.  We honestly ended up reading more than the week lesson plans called for simply because we enjoyed the program so much.

A big bonus of the story and program is the MP3 Audio Downloads.  These allowed my children to listen to the story on their own time, which they really enjoyed.  It reinforced what we had already been reading, allowing them to repeat the lessons as much as they wished to hear them.

The U.N.I.Q.U.E. Kids' Activity Guide is also fully in color.  I chose not to do all of the suggested activities and I adapted those activities I did choose to use to fit us.  For instance, the first activity is to plant a seed and watch it grow.  I chose not to do this activity but we did label the plant parts and discuss them in relation to the things we learned through the story and book.

Another activity my older daughter enjoyed was using the accompanying journal as we worked through our lessons.  She was able to write and draw out her thoughts and feelings through the suggestions on the journal pages.  This was a huge plus for her, since she enjoys any lessons that she can be artistic while completing.

I believe my children actually learned to get along better with one another through using Leadership Garden Legacy and that was definitely a lesson they have recently needed.  I find them working things out between one another daily, trying to get along instead of arguing as had become habit with them.  I also benefited from the lessons, realizing that Momma needed to rethink how we work together daily so that we all get along better in our home.  Leadership Garden Legacy was a great program for us to use and one we will definitely work through again and again, just to keep the things we learn fresh in our home.

Leadership Garden Legacy is available per item or in bundles for purchase.
Adult Empowerment Toolkit - $47.57
Family Empowerment Toolkit - $76.25

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Salem Ridge Press: Sowing Beside All Waters {Crew Review}

Salem Ridge Press is a publishing company that strives to bring quality historical literature into reproduction for future generations to use.  Daniel Mills and his family strive to be a blessing to others by providing literature that fits Biblical qualifications.  They do this through their work at Salem Ridge Press.

Salem Ridge Press provides reproductions of various works from past authors on many topics.  You can find historical fictions in World History, Church History and American History.  Adventures like George Alfred Henty: The Story of an Active Life and Yussef the Guide.  There are also several young readers available from Salem Ridge Press.

You can search the website alphabetically, by time period and location, author or age range.  Books are available covering from 1500 B.C. to 1793 A.D. sharing life stories from several countries and authors around the world.  Each book is sure to bring History to life.

For this review, we were offered one of several books to choose from.  I chose Sowing Beside All Waters: A Tale of the World in the Church by Emma Leslie.  Emma Leslie is also known as Emma Dixon and is a well known author of Victorian children's literature.  She lived in Lewisham, Kent from 1837- 1909.  Emma provided a strong Christian influence on her writing that is still profoundly relevant today.  Her works covered many prevalent periods in church history.

Sowing Beside All Waters is set in the Roman Empire during 313 through 363 A.D.  It covers the periods of Constantine, Athanasius, Augustine, and the Council of Nicea.  Many other historical figures were also covered throughout the book such as Diocletian, Arius, Julian, and Saint Anthony the Great.  This book begins with a brief synopsis of each of these plus many more in the section titled Historical Notes.  A list of important dates as well as a map of the area at the time is also provided in the first pages of the book before beginning the actual story.

As you read through the book, the reader will find vocabulary provided complete with definitions at the bottom of each page.  This allows the reader to learn the meaning of differing terms while reading through each chapter.  Biblical verse reference is also provided as they are mentioned throughout the book at the bottom of the referenced page.  Several images can be found throughout to help bring this story to life for the reader.

Sowing Beside All Waters tell the story of Quadratus and his family as they struggle to adjust to the changes brought forth after Emperor Constantine proclaims Christianity to be the official religion of the Roman Empire.  Each one chooses a differing path to follow but somehow they all prevail in remaining faithful to Christianity even through all the trials and challenges of the times.

I used this book personally as reading material for myself due to time constraints with my book not being shipped on time.  I will use this as a read aloud for our future school year.  The story is well written and easily understood, providing a great deal of knowledge throughout the book.  I personally enjoy historical fictions and this one will top my list for future suggestions.

Sowing Beside All Waters was originally published in 1875.  It was written for ages 12 through adult.  It is available from Salem Ridge Press for $14.95 in softcover or $24.95 as a hardcover book.

For more reviews of Salem Ridge Press books, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!


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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Computer Science for Kids {Crew Review}

When I was a kid in Middle and High school we were given computer classes to learn to type and also the basic functions of old-school computers.  The mouse was a relatively new thing and many computers still require users to use programming codes to run them.  The control and shift keys were important every day factors in computer usage for me.

I learned a lot from my computer classes that has helped me with my interest in computers and even blogging today.  My basic knowledge of programming and codes has greatly helped me and I want my children to learn the same things.  They all take a great interest in using the computer for schoolwork and games so I knew that computer programming through Computer Science would be a great elective program for us helping them to further gaming interests, hopefully leading them into a career in this field.

Computer Science for Kids is creative curriculum created to be used with students 10 to adult.  Beginning Microsoft Small Basic was written completely with the beginner programmer in mind.  It is self-paced, easy to use complete program.

Through Beginning Microsoft Small Basic students learn basic programming skills and key elements of Small Basic that will stick with them for life.  Provided examples demonstrate key steps throughout the program, allowing students time to absorb the process as they learn new things.  While working through Beginning Microsoft Small Basic students learn to create programs like a savings calculator, card games, Tic-Tac-Toe, drawing programs, logic and video games.

This program was a great review of Microsoft Small Basic programming for me and a great introduction for both of my older children.  We worked together over the past few weeks to learn about these key factors in computer design and usage.  We completed around a chapter a week, some chapters took a week and a half due to circumstance and other curriculum we were involved in but the program was easily adaptable to fit our life.  The program does take several hours to complete so it needs to be broken down to several days in the week to complete.

My children and I really enjoyed the lessons provided through this program.  It will not be something we continue working with at this time due to the time it takes to complete the lessons but it will be something we use independently in the future.  As I mentioned above, both of my older children enjoyed working through this program and each took away different aspects.  My son wishes to expand further as this program will be a good start for his career field.

Beginning Microsoft Small Basic from Computer Science for Kids is available online for $59.95 with current free shipping.  The digital e-book edition is on sale for $34.95 through July 4, 2013.  It is normally priced $59.95.  You can also purchase an Annual "UNLIMITED USER" School Site License Digital E-book Teacher Edition for a sale price of $199.95.  

For more reviews of  Computer Science for Kids, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!


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Trials Bring Gifts {Thoughts From Me}

It's been a heck of a week in Lambert Life.  I was sick for most of this week and well, like most people, I despise being sick.  There is little that I hate more.

Then to top it off, Emma had her casting and botox scheduled for the beginning of the week.  Let me just say that traveling almost 2 hours while you are sick to your stomach is NOT FUN!  Then we finally got there, only to find that Emma had consumed milk at some point that morning so we were not able to have her procedure done at all.  Trip back home.

Wednesday brought a phone call from Winston's GI requesting an appointment for the next day.  Umm NO... not when I was just getting over this whatever I had.  So that appointment was scheduled for next week.  

Thursday brought it's own surprises but we muddled through them to finally make it to the weekend.  I must say that by this point I was (am?) feeling pretty worn out, exhausted and overwhelmed.  I am just thankful to have made it through all of the week's trials and I am so ready for a new week to come about.  

Some good friends and I, found a little break in our week as we rode to the hunting club as a free way to get out of the house with no kids and no worries.  And on our little adventure I was reminded just how sweet life is, how awesome God is, and how he is still there even when I don't expect to find him.  These trials may follow me today, this past week and more to come in my future but I'm not alone.  I have God leading me and lending me a hand.  He's glorious beyond words and so are the many blessings he gives to us.

Here's one from today to share:  A black bear we saw at the hunting club while we were riding around.

What glorious things did God show you today???

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Journey Through Learning {Crew Review}

A Journey Through Learning creates the most amazing lapbooks for your use.  There are 100's of lapbooks to choose from on many varied subjects.  From educational to fun, you can find the perfect lapbook at A Journey Through Learning.

What's a lapbook?  A lapbook is a hands-on, creative activity using mini-books featuring a topic you are learning about to create a sort of journal in a folder.  The finished folder can be viewed on the lap of your child, therefore being termed a "lapbook".  This is a fun method of learning for almost anyone.

Lapbooks are something that we enjoy using in our homeschooling.  For this review, I chose to use two different lapbooks: Letters, Numbers and Shapes with Laycie, and Astronomy and Space with Winston, Emmalee and some of it also with Laycie.

This lapbook contains 51 color-filled pages.  The first 5 pages are a lapbook introductory showing the key elements of lapbook how-to's: creation, storage, purpose.  Page 6 provides a guide to putting this particular lapbook together, followed by the Table of Contents on page 7.

The next 34 pages are jam-packed with activities teaching letters, numbers and shapes to the early learner.  Every letter of the alphabet is covered, basic shapes and numbers 1-10.  The activities make a great introduction to any preschooler or review for a child who may just need a little extra lesson review.
At the end of the lapbook, the teacher can find suggestions for things to teach letters.  Listed are several suggestions for every letter of the alphabet and are a great guide for teaching or just getting ideas to expand the lessons you may already have in mind.  There are also suggestions for learning about shapes with food, fun activities and games, fingerplays for shapes and numbers, printing poems, and a suggested book list to use with this lapbook.

Astronomy and Space is a full color-filled 70 page unit study.  The first two pages of this lapbook provide a brief explanation of a unit study.  A supplies sheet is also included in the beginning of the lapbook so that the educator can prepare ahead, followed by a thorough Table of Contents.  

This particular study begins with Creation in Genesis 1.  Other things covered in this study are where you live, particulars of the solar system, day and night, and so very much more.  There are planet information cards for the student to fill out in detail.

Near the end of this study is an included Bibliography with websites used to create the study.  These websites are also a great source of additional information that can be used to expand upon this particular study.  A set of enrichment pages can also be found towards the back of the study which includes additional reading suggestions, a NICK list, a reading tracking sheet, planet book report, and narration forms.  

We used these lapbooks in our homeschooling over the past few weeks as a center of learning for our daily lessons.  I used the Letters, Numbers and Shapes lapbook with my soon-to-be five year old and she had no problems completing it.  She enjoyed pasting the shapes into place, practicing her letter and number writing, and creating her mini-books.  This particular lapbook was a little more of a review for her than it was a challenge as she already knew much of what it provided but it will be a perfect lesson for her brother when it comes time for him to learn the same things in the future.  I suggest it used with an early preschooler over an almost Kindergartener.

We used the Astronomy and Space unit study as a family study.  I read all of the inclusive materials, as well as took the kids on a quick tour of the websites listed in the Bibliography to expand our lessons.  Each child found a different planet that interested them and we learned many strange and specific details for each.   The kids shared in filling out the worksheets and answering the questions provided in the study.  We did not use the suggested reading selections since we did this study quickly but we did track our reading of books already in our libraries as an addition to our lessons using the sheet provided in the study itself.  We also used the planet reports to research more about each planet we learned about.

Overall, we all enjoyed these studies.  Both are wonderfully thorough and exceptionally made.  They are easily implemented and can be used to create a full lesson on their intended subjects.  Colorful, fun and challenging the student to learn more.

You can purchase A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks through their website.  Letters, Numbers and Shapes Lapbook is available as a download for $13, on CD for $14, printed for $20 or assembled for $29.  Astronomy and Space Unit Study is available as a download for $13, on CD for $14 or printed for $21.

For more reviews of A Journey Through Learning, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog!


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Overwhelmed and Still Going {Epilepsy Awareness}

Are there times in you life when you just feel totally overwhelmed?  This is how I'm feeling nowadays.  So much is going on that some days I just want to crawl back into bed because I do not feel that I can keep up.

This year has been FILLED to the brim with appointments.  I guess that is to be expected when you have four children and all four of them have separate special needs.  Every week it seems another child has another appointment and that makes it seem like we are never home.

Thank goodness we don't practice formal schooling at home but instead practice relaxed homeschooling.  And thank goodness we have good friends who can babysit on a whim when I have a last minute call to head to Charleston where most of our medical needs are met.

Being a Mom is hard.  Being a Mom to children who each have a different issue is even harder.  And times like this I don't feel like a Super Mom but I keep going because I know my children need me to.  There is no one else who can love them like I do, who can give them things they need like I am able to provide.  God knew what he was doing when he chose me as their Mother and he guides me in their care every day.  Even when I am exhausted and weary.  Even when I'm unsure if I can make another appointment or meet another of their special needs.

I am overwhelmed but I keep going because God leads me to where He needs me to be and I keep following along as long as I can.


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