Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Very Quick Update!

It's been a rough week so I'm a bit behind on my post for the week.  Jackson has had two seizures and Josh is sick in the bed.  Not completely sure what's wrong with him.  Laycie's also had a mild cold so I ended up having to cancel the boys' birthday bash for the weekend.  I'm planning to make up for it soon.

I'm exhausted simply because of all that's going on.  It's really taking it's toll.  I have so much to do but my family's health has trumped anything that I need done.

Luckily, today Laycie's feeling better but Josh isn't and Jackson still breaking through with his seizures.  I did a little shopping today and found Laycie some new boots to keep her feet warm for the winter as she goes back and forth between our home and her Grandma's next door.

I also found Jackson a new Taggie blanket and also a snuggly Puppy blankie.  He loves them both.

I also found him a pair of flip-flops that are just a bit too big.  Lately, he's been wanting to wear everyone's too big shoes.  Great for his play-acting but not so great for a big boy who is just beginning to learn to walk.  He loves his new shoes and the fact they are just a bit too big!  He's had so much fun walking in those this afternoon.

I'm short on time and energy so this post is going to be very short.  Please say a prayer for our family's health and for my sweet Jackson to feel better soon.  Thanks y'all.  Until next time...


  1. Ive been praying for you and your family. I hope all this works out. I can't imagine walking thru this. You are so strong! How do you think the EO's are working so far?

  2. So far they are helping but it's still to early to really tell I think. He's not had a seizure since Monday but I'm unsure if that's because of the EO's or the Emergency meds we gave him Monday when we couldn't get the seizure stopped.


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