Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Essential Oil Images for Epilepsy

With the kids lacking so much control for their Epilepsy and a few other health issues like ADHD, OCD and sleep troubles, I have recently been researching other options for treating their medical needs outside of medications.  This has led me to researching Essential Oils for treatment and I'm so excited by what I am finding.  To keep track of what I can and cannot use for children, I've created a few images listing these things.  Please feel free to use these for yourself, print or share but please know that I am NOT an essential oils expert, nor am I an aromatherapist or a doctor.  I'm only a Mom who is trying to prevent seizures for her children. 

*Please do NOT edit these images or place your business URL on them and please link back where appropriate.*

Here go the Essential Oil images I have created thus far: 

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