Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ice Storm Update

It's been a long cold week for us down here in the South.  We were hit by one of the worst ice storms I have personally ever seen.  Tree limbs are laying all over our road sides, taking out power lines all over the state.

We survived the storm by going to my Mother-in-law's house.  Thankfully, she lives next door, has a large fireplace with gas logs and plenty of room for all of us.  We were lucky and only out of power for a little while but the internet has been wonky due to the weather and the power issues throughout the state, making it hard to blog.  I was able to stay in touch via my phone but it doesn't really allow me to blog and share like I would prefer to do.

Hopefully, this will be the last of the ice for a while but we have been told there may be yet another cold front headed this way in the next week or so.  Let's just say I am so so so ready for Spring and so are the kids.  They are ready to get outside and play in the yard, bounce on the trampoline and just enjoy themselves.

So this is my current update.  I have a lot of reviews to come, and several I need to catch up on.  Those are in the process for this week so stay tuned!

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