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KinderBach {Crew Review}

KinderBach is a program designed to allow music via piano lessons into the a simple home setting.  Designed for younger children around ages 3-7, KinderBach makes learning music fun.  This simple, low cost program is easy to use by everyone.

The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner is a complete piano music curriculum.  Parental involvement in the program depends on your child's ability to learn.  Children who are able to view the videos on their own will need less involvement from a parent than those who are younger and less skilled in learning.

Since this is a full curriculum, it includes video instruction to show children how to use the piano through online lessons.  It also includes worksheets to be completed which bring the lessons offline and into their daily life for practice and learning without a computer.  A piano is also needed to provide correct instruction on playing this wonderful instrument.

The KinderBach curriculum contains 7 complete levels, each covering different aspects of Piano lessons.  Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are also covered as children work through their lessons while using this program.  Learning to read symbols, decoding, learning to identify right and left, coordination, control, as well as rhythm and sequencing are all learned throughout the lessons provided through using KinderBach for music lessons.  

The video lessons used in KinderBach are short but fun.  They capture the child's attention while teaching them important skills.  They also help to build fine motor function as children follow along and practice what they are learning in the program.

The worksheets that are used to bring the program off the computer and into real life for the child are also fun, while at the same time they provide a solid learning foundation to help the child further the skills learned online while watching the lesson videos.  These worksheets give the child concrete evidence of learning and help encourage building their musical skills, helping them to gain confidence in their lessons as they learn.
KinderBach offers a free trial of their award winning program for the first few lessons which can be located directly on their website.  There is also a NO RISK 30 day Money Back Guarantee for this program.

Though we used the KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner for home, there is also a Classroom version perfect for co-ops and schools to use.  KinderBach is for use with children who are ages 3-7 as I mentioned above.  My Laycie was the perfect age for using it at 5 years old.

We have been using KinderBach in our home for about 2 years now and we still love it.  Laycie began using it when she just turned 4 - she turns 6 in April and has been using it off and on.  Emma has also used the program and helped Laycie with some of the lessons.  Both girls enjoy the adorable characters and the simple instructions provided through the program very much.  This is something we use several times a week, allowing them to work at their own pace during lessons but it's not something that we push for learning.  It's just a really fun program that we keep coming back to as an extracurricular activity for all of us. 

 I'm kind of anxious for Jackson to become old enough to use it.  At 17 months, he enjoys watching the videos as well but he's a little too young yet to gain anything from the other parts of the program.  He isn't old enough to know how to use the piano or remember key placement or count timing.  Laycie on the other hand loves doing all of those things and has really enjoyed learning them.

A membership to the KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner is available for one year for a special limited time price of $95.88.  It's normally priced at $130 per year for the program.  

A membership to the KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner gives you access to over 240 sessions in lessons by computer, iPad, and more.  You will also receive access to the lesson PDF's to print and use at home.  Teacher's Corner is included with this membership, allowing you access to the Audio MP3's for each lesson and all materials for Levels 1-6 of the KinderBach program.  Downloads for the lesson story books, song books and coloring pages are also included with your one year membership to KinderBach.  This complete curriculum package provides you with everything needed for one year of learning Piano and Music from KinderBach.

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YouTube: KinderBach Preschool Piano

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