Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life is a Blessing, No Matter the Challenges {Epilepsy Awareness}

Our life and our days revolve around our life with Epilepsy.  As a child growing up with this disorder, I was never concerned because my Mother protected me.  As a parent raising children who have Epilepsy, I am constantly concerned for the health of my beautiful children.

It's not easy being on either side of this disorder: both as a person with Epilepsy or a parent with Epilepsy.  I'm thankful that I have mostly outgrown the effects of this disorder, that my oldest son, who I often forget to mention, doesn't have Epilepsy, and that my oldest daughter has also outgrown her seizures for the most part.  That doesn't make this life any less challenging to live.

I often find a hard time focusing on the day to day because I'm so overly consumed with waiting on the next seizure.  I often forget things because my brain is always on Epilepsy overdrive.  My constant worry is that one of my three children will have a seizure that day and that they may not come back out of it.  Even though Emma has outgrown her seizures, they could come back at any time with any traumatic event.

This is our life and most days it's hard for me to talk about in person, so I come here to blog it -- I can share, get my thoughts and feelings out without having to be face to face with someone to do that.  I am able to talk, really talk and express myself, our ups, downs and fears through our blog.  It's been a real blessing to be able to share our life with others, to show them a small peak into our world and say "Hey, this is where we are, what we are doing and how it's all going for us".

Life is a gift no matter how challenging.  It's a gift that cannot be replaced and is so short to live.  We must live that life to the absolute fullest and never miss a minute, even while given challenges like living with Epilepsy.

I have to say if my Mom taught me anything while raising me throughout my life as a child with Epilepsy, it is to embrace my life, to allow my children to live their lives to their fullest potential and to let no one hold us back from that.  And I do that for my children every single day.  I'm thankful for the gift they are in my life and even for this dreadful disorder which fills our days and keeps them busy.  I'm thankful for each minute, each second with each of my children as they are also thankful for those seconds with their Mother every day.  Life is the real blessing to live.

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