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We were very excited to be selected to review Online Subscription with the Schoolhouse Review Team this year. is perfect for younger children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  This program was developed to make Science education easier for students and teachers alike. was developed by the creators of VocabularySpellingCity.  Because of the success in educational learning through VocabularySpellingCity, the creators wanted to bring that same educational success to students for Science education. provides the same educational support and value to students that VocabularySpellingCity has done for Reading and Vocabulary learning over the years. is a fun, innovative program that allows students to learn important scientific facts right in their homes.  It makes science education easy for both the student and the teacher, providing everything needed to learn through the website.  Children work through the lessons with the help of their teacher, following along and completing each task as they go. Online Subscription covers Early Elementary Science for children in grades Kindergarten through 2nd and allows for science education review for students who are older and may need remedial scientific skills to be retaught.  This program is great for both students learning and relearning about Science.

In the Kindergarten level of the program, students learn what materials are and how they mix to create other things, such as the chemical processes used to make drinks or simple foods.  They learn about energy sources like the sun and indoor lighting and how each affects us.  Students learn how things move through motion and force.  They learn the basis of scientific tools and about various plant and animal types.  They also learn about environments and weather and how they affect our lives, and those of the plants and animals they are learning about.

In the First Grade level, students learn about different types of matter.  They also learn about different energy sources and how they affect us.  Students learn how energy transforms as it's used by living things.  Students learn how magnets are used.  They learn more in depth about scientific tools, animals, habitats, and weather.  Students learn about food webs and how they relate to living things and the cycle of life.  Students also begin learning about the planets and universe beyond Earth as their home planet.

In the Second Grade level, students learn to observe matter, it's different states and the changes within matter.  More information is brought forth on energy to further their knowledge of this important life source.  Students begin learning about simple machines and how to use them for making life easier.  Students dive more into force, plants, animal, the food web, and living and non-living things.  Habitats are explored through this level.  The history and materials of Earth are also covered in the Second Grade level of

This website is fun.  I used it with all three kids, giving the older kids a review of science past and reviewing some things we've learned already and other things that we missed along the way since most of our science is hands-on.  The site was perfect for Laycie.  The video's were entertaining for all the kids.  The science projects were interesting and easily done on our own to help build upon what we learned.  Science is a favorite around our house because it's messy and artistic, all things we love! was immediately popular and a favorite right away.

This program is designed to be used several times a week with your students.  It's great for the younger kids, as it's created for Early Elementary students.  The videos are interactive, allowing students to join in, not just listen and follow along.  Their are questions at the end to help expand learning further.

There are over 350 lessons provided on  Lessons include the wonderful interactive videos that I mentioned above as well as worksheets that are just as interesting and fun to complete.  The lessons aren't too long and definitely are far from boring, making Science something children enjoy and keeping it fun.  The worksheets are fun to complete as well and help ensure the student is grasping the lessons being taught. Online Subscription is available for $7.95 per month per child.  This includes all three years of lessons and access to the extensive Teacher Lesson plans provided by the website, all the printables for the lessons, videos and more.  You can purchase a month to twelve month subscription when you sign up for through their website.

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