Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm On A Mini-Vacation... Be Back Soon!

I've been super duper busy this past week.  I took a mini-vacation to visit a friend and have been helping her out all week.  It's nice but I really miss my kids and Josh.  I'll be back home very soon though and plan to get lots of kisses and hugs from them.

This week, I was able to get a much needed haircut.  Sometimes the simplest changes make all the difference.  I also dyed my hair blonde again, which I really love!

I took a quick trip to do some shopping and found lots of cute shirts and jeans as well.  I really needed some new clothes that fit well.

I've been keeping up with the gym somewhat while being here.  It's great motivation but I haven't lost any weight.  I have put on a few pounds from eating lots this week though.  I need to make some plans for health and weight management very soon though.

Since I'm out of town for the week, there isn't a lot to update with.  Do you take mini-vacations?  How do you enjoy a little time just for you?

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