Saturday, March 8, 2014

Update for March {Thoughts From Me}

There's been a lot of reviewing going on lately.  Work is back in full swing.  All things in life are back to normal.

Last week was spent at MUSC for  Jackson's sleep study and EEG.  He did really well and there was no activity showing on his EEG.  This does not mean he doesn't have Epilepsy, just that the activity wasn't showing while we were there.  We will have to repeat this study later on but for now, it's overwith.

For the next month, my concentration will be on my house.  I have a lot of organizing planned and I'm painting.  I choose a beautiful blue for our living room.  It's all ready to go but I haven't had time to get it done.  Flooring is also going to be done.

I really can't remember if I've mentioned all these things already or not.  My poor brain is on overdrive right now.  So much to do and get done.

So that's our update for now.

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