Monday, March 17, 2014

Vacation's over: Home again and raring to go!

Vacation has ended and Momma is BACK!  I'm home and back into the throws of things.  Even the shortest escapes come back to reality at some point.

It's been a long two weeks between MUSC and going "home".  It was a good week with the baby at the hospital and it was a much needed week going "home".  I feel rejuvenated from my vacation.

Now I'm ready to get back into focus about working out and redoing our home.  It's time to get back onto the organization track and back on track with the rest of our lives as well.  It's slow going but will be well-worth it in the end of things.

So tomorrow I will be getting up and getting the rest of the stuff out of our living room so that I can focus on painting our walls.  Once that's done, we can start on our floors and get the furniture back into place so that we can rearrange to fit our needs best. 

These posts have been really short lately but it's because I have a tremendous amount of stuff going on around the house and in life.  Hopefully, it all settles down soon.  Until then...

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