Monday, April 28, 2014

A is for Apples {Blogging Through The Alphabet}

I've heard lots about Blogging Through The Alphabet from Marcy @ and others who have joined in the past.  It sounded like a lot of fun and since I am often struggling to come up with my own ideas for blogging weekly, it sounded exactly like something I need to join in with.  Win, win, win!  So here goes...

Ben and Me

A is for Apples

Apples are pretty important in our house.  They are one of Laycie's absolute favorite things.  She loves to eat them but even more, she loves to collect different collectible apples.

We have glass apples, apple signs, apple drawings and more.   At one point the kitchen curtains were even red to match her beautiful apples which I have managed to contain mostly in our kitchen.  She sure loves those apples!

When Laycie was first learning to talk, she struggled with saying the word "apple".  She would say "Bapple" instead.  Completely adorable!  I found it so adorable that I actually called my first iPhone Bapple for my Laycie-Lou.  She loved that!

Sadly, I admit that her love of Apples has also encouraged me to buy iPhones and iPads, silly as that is.  I love to see the smile on her face from each apple she finds, even the little silver one on the back of my phone.  I'd do anything to see her precious smile.

Are their things in your home that you find yourself collecting because of your children?  Do your rooms reflect their loves as well as their own?  Share with me if you wish.

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"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." 
-- Martin Luther


  1. How fun! I wish I had such a great excuse for my "apple" obsession (iphone, ipad, ipod, etc.). LOL!

    Thanks for linking up with me!

  2. Apples are a fun thing to collect. I can't think of anything that I am collecting at this time.

  3. How adorable, My littlest daughter Misty is a Christmas baby, so she has a thing for red, so I got her a little red bear when she was a baby, she still has it and still sleeps with it and even though she is 12 she will still carry it around at times. She named it Bear Bear.
    Sometime we will have to do a stuffing job on it because it is getting flat. lol

  4. Do I understand this? Oh yes I do. I couldn't care less about cars or dinosaurs, but I see one and think, "I wonder if my son would enjoy this?"

  5. What fun~ We are collectors of far too much "stuff" at our house. Of course, some of it is really great stuff, like BOOKS, and then there are rocks, and seashells, and balls, and things that spin, and playmobil, and lego... (oh yes, and we all appreciate those apple products as well...)

    Fun post!

  6. What a neat thing to collect, and the way it started is precious.
    I can't say there is anything I personally collect because of either of my kiddos but they both have collections of their own. My ds collects rubber bands, soda bottles (it used to be bottle caps lol- now it's the whole thing!), puzzles (he puts them together on his floor and tapes them together to make a 'carpet' of sorts), and too many more to remember or mention. My dd is more subdued in her collecting (books, small pieces of art).

  7. We love eating apples. We also own a few Apple's. :)

  8. Apples are yummy, but I am with Marcy-my Apple obsession is a bit more pricey. ;)

  9. The "Bapple" made me smile. A very nice excuse to buy an iphone :)I have a thing with Snowmen. Oh and when said apple the first thing that came to my mind was an apple chalk pastel drawing that is super easy. I guess my brain has been on art quite a lot lately.


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