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CTC Math {Schoolhouse Review}

Can I just start this review by saying how much I really love CTC Math's 12 Month Family Plan?  When I first log onto the program several weeks ago, I thought it was just going to be like any other Math program online.  I admit, I was wrong.  This program is absolutely wonderful and it works well for our family.

CTC Math is an online Math tutor.  This program covers Math from Kindergarten all the way to Calculus and between.  It doesn't teach your student Math but builds on what your child already knows with easy to follow lessons.  Designed to be used with students of every age and grade level, it truly tutors the child in learning Math.

Parent Login Area:
In the Parent Login, I was able to set up accounts for up to five children on the 12 month Family Plan which we were given access to for this review.  I simply inputted my child's name in the Add Student area, created log-in information for each child and chose a passing grade for them.  I don't normally use grades so that was a bit different for me to do for them, and I choose to leave it at 90 as passing since that's what I recall using in Public School as a student.

In the Parent Login, I can view my students and see how many levels they have completed, as well as the rating for each level completed.  I can also print a summary or a detailed report for completed lessons for each student.  This is nice so that I can print and add it into their portfolio.  I can also see what areas they need to study and focus on learning.

Each week, through my email, I receive a progress report telling me how each student is doing.  I can print these as well and see what areas need more focus or need repeating.  When my children complete different areas, I can print awards and certificates for them straight from the program.  My kids really enjoy things like that.

Last on the Parent Login is a side panel that shows my students recent activities.  It tells me when they log-in and what they do while there.  This is a great way to make sure they are really doing their work and not just playing around.

Student Login Area:
Through the Parent Login, I was able to set specific logins up for my children to be able to use CTC Math.  When students come to the CTC Math page, there is a option to log in at the top of the page.  Once they click on this login area, a box pops up where they can enter their information and begin using the program.

Students or their parents and teachers can then choose a level appropriate for them.  For my children, I chose to use this program as a math review and tutoring program to begin with.  I allowed them to start from the Kindergarten level to see what concepts they really know and which they need to work on.  Each level of the program has a basic placement test to show knowledge of what the student is learning.  If the student passes this level then we knew we could move on and move forward.  Each lesson covers a different concept.

If a student needs instruction for that level, they can click on the separate lessons of the program.  These are short videos showing what's being learned.  The student listens and follows along, following instruction as needed.  The next step is to answer questions about what the student has heard and learned in the video instruction.  These are much like the placement tests.

Both questions and tests are easy to complete.  There are online selections to choose from or answer boxes in which to type in the correct answer in number or written form.  Some questions have multiple choice answers to choose.  Some questions require students to click on in order to color the objects they are learning with.  The program varies throughout and by level being learned.  As expected upper levels will be harder than lower levels.

I allowed my students to work on this program for as long as they liked, which happened to be much longer than I would have actually have required.  I did not specify what they had to do or what level.  I simply started them at the lowest level and allowed them to complete the tests, then I'd mix it up by choosing another level and concept to see how much they knew.  This worked fairly well for us.

How We Really Liked It:
I did personally find some of the instructional videos to be a bit boring and basic. I didn't find them exciting to learn from but I did feel they cover the important details and lessons needed.  My children thought the same thing as I did about the videos.

The questions were a bit more fun and the kids really enjoyed those because they were quickly and easily answered without requiring a lot of writing off the computer.  The kids enjoyed the colors used through the program and the characters for the lower grade level learning.  The fact that this program allows them to work are various levels and "test" themselves beforehand was something they enjoyed as well, which surprised me since I stay away from that type of thing in our learning normally.  I found I also enjoyed being able to see what they really know so easily by them completing such a simple test.

So overall, I found that what I initially thought was just a normal everyday online math program has more than impressed me and my children with the lessons and ease of use.  This is a program we will be continuing to use while we have the subscription and if we continue to enjoy it as we have been the past few weeks, then we may even subscribe again.  I recommend the program to students of all levels in public, private and homeschooling.

The price of CTC Math is currently discounted for Homeschoolers at 60% off the regular price.  I do not know how long this sale will last so if you are interested, my suggestion would be to purchase now.  A membership can be purchased for a single user or for a family plan of 2 or more students.

The Single Plan is $11.99 a month or $50.80 for 6 months or $78.80 for a year of the program.
The Family Plan is $15.97 a month or $78.80 for 6 months or $118.80 for 2 or more students for 12 months of the program.

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