Saturday, April 26, 2014

End of April Family Update: Long Week {Thoughts From Me}

It's been a very long week for us.  So much is going on right now that I can personally barely keep up and yet I have no other choice than to keep going.  Life is at it's busiest for our family.

My Sister called and needed Mom to come help with my niece which left me alone with the kids for the week since everyone else had things to do.

It is not easy for sure and I am exhausted.  I am not used to parenting all alone.  Mom came home today and boy am I so thankful!

Jackson did great all week without his favorite person: Grandma.  He was a happy and sweet boy who kept us on our toes as he always does.  He didn't seem to miss her not being home to sleep with him as he's used to and he enjoyed his time tucked next to Mommy.  Laycie on the other hand was ready for Grandma to get back so "that baby" could get out of her spot in Mommy's bed.  She is currently curled up beside me resting happily in her place that was filled all week by her baby brother.

I am thankful the week was uneventful and seizure-free.  I made sure meds were kept up, though somehow we did miss Laycie's nighttime dose last night, leaving her clingy and whiny today.  I also made sure our essential oils were rolled on twice a day between meds which also really helped us get through the week without a seizure rearing it's ugly head.  Yay for the small, yet oh so big things!!!

So let me just say that I am beyond thankful this week is done with.  Please say some prayers for our family as their are many adults who are having health issues and upcoming surgeries going on who could use them.  And pray for my sanity during this trying time because it's surely going to be needed. LOL

Thank you all.

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