Thursday, April 10, 2014

Five Becomes Six: Happy Birthday to my Laycie Bug, the Kid

Tonight I put my five year old to bed.  Tomorrow when she wakes she will be six.  It doesn't seem possible and yet it is.

Laycie Elizabeth has brought so much joy to our lives.  Her sister, my Emmalee, dubbed her our Angel on the day she was born and she has truly been just that to us all.  She brings happiness and joy to our days that was unimaginable before she was born.

I could never have imagined being a Momma to four beautiful children and StepMom to four more as I am.  I never expected to find so much happiness in my life as they bring me.  I am blessed and I am thankful every day for the love I receive from each of them.

This weekend we are having a Grand Birthday Bash and Oyster Roast.  It's Laycie's birthday party and a raincheck party for our older kids who didn't get to have a party because of all the cold weather we had this past Winter.  Spring has finally shown her beautiful self and we will be taking full advantage!

I'm not sure what our weekend will bring, except that it will bring together so many that we love.  It will bring our eight beautiful children home together (I hope).  It will bring our friends here to celebrate and enjoy each other once again, both new and old friends.

It is a celebration for me, their Momma, who loves them dearly and could not imagine this great Earth without them, even though I never imagined I'd have been blessed by the eight of them.  My loves, my heart carried in eight separate pieces outside my chest, these beautiful children who make me whole.  This weekend will be wonderful and I look forward to enjoying every moment of it along with them.

So Happy Birthday to my Laycie Bug, the Kid and Happy Belated Birthday to my Win, Justain and Emma. Here's to many more years together, growing and loving each other forever.  God bless you for the love you give me.  I am thankful every single day.

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