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Victus Study Skills System {Crew Review}

Alright,  I have to admit that I chose this review more for myself than for anyone else in our home.  Though I learned a lot about studying in my school years and organization, I needed the reminder of how to do these things and how to teach my children about them.  Victus Study Skills System has served as a great reminder along with being a great educational tool for our family.

This study system only takes 5 hours to complete.  It's designed to be completed quickly but to give a thorough understanding of how to study and how to plan your studying to best benefit yourself.  Victus Study Skills System can be used by anyone at any age but is particularly designed to be taught to middle and high school ages students or in grades 5 through 12.

With the program you receive a Teacher's Edition workbook of the program and a Student Workbook.  Each is written clearly and simply.  Lessons are short but thorough.  I love the fun drawings that encourage learning.  They are a wonderful extra to keep the program interesting.

 The program contains 10 lessons.  It's expected that each lesson should take half an hour for a high school student to complete.  Students can complete two lessons a day for a week, one lesson a day for two weeks or be adapted as you and your student sees fit.  As I mentioned above, the entire program takes 5 hours to complete so working through this program should not be a problem for any student at any age.

I chose to use Victus Study Skills System for myself and with my daughter who just turned 11.  The instructions and lessons were easy enough to complete.  They are designed to help students learn to how to prepare for studying, how to study during a lesson, how to set goals and how to stay on track in order to learn.

I found this program to be a great reminder for me in Homeschool planning.  Following the guidance of this program, I was able to set goals for each of my children, allowing Emmalee to help me in planning her goals as we worked through this together.  I was then able to break these goals down to manageable portions in order to better organize our learning.  We were able to set goals seasonally, and for future plans.  We were able to set a manageable time frame in order to get our goals completed so we are not just working towards nothing rewarding.

The best part of this program for me and Emmalee both was that we learned how to better organize our plans and our necessary materials so that we could easily complete our goals.  We chose a place to study that fit each of us and learned to focus our minds to prepare for this period.  This allowed us to make the most of our learning.

Another helpful part of the program suggested keeping a planner to use for organizing ourselves.  The planner helps by allowing you to make a list of things you need for studying, where you stop and start with your lessons and so much more.  Planners are a great tool to be used.

I could go on and on about the things we learned through the Victus Study Skills System.  It is one of the best study skills programs I've seen in a long time.  It's not hard to learn from or complete and doesn't take a lot of time but the impact of the lessons stick with you for a long time after.

Victus Study Skills System is available for purchase through the website.  The Teacher's Edition is $40 and the Student Workbook is $20.  There is a classroom video available for an additional $30 and a Student DIY Workbook available for $25.

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