Saturday, May 31, 2014

Update from us for May {Thoughts From Me}

This week has been a long one for us, not leaving me with a lot of time online.  Mom had gall bladder surgery last Wednesday and that means my usual help is not available.  Having her out of commission has been hard on us all.

I'm truly thankful for all my Momma does for me - she helps me every day with the kids, especially with Jackson.  She's always there to run to the store or to simply keep an extra eye out so I can keep up with the household stuff and have one on one time with each child. It's great.

This week, she's not been able to help out as much.  Her surgery went great and she's feeling better every day.  I'm hoping in a few days she will be back to her normal self and we will be back on track again.

So until then, my posts will be short and my time limited.  Just wanted to give this quick update about where we are at!  Blessings to all!

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