Monday, June 2, 2014

E is for Epilepsy {Blogging through the Alphabet}

Ben and Me

I totally spaced last week and missed my D is for... post but I will go back and do that one soon.  We are now on letter E and for us it is and will always be

E is for Epilepsy!

If you are a follower of our blog, then you already know we have a multi-generational family who has Epilepsy.  I have had it since I was an infant and now three of my four babies have it as well.  It's a huge part of our daily lives and I use every post I can to help others understand how we live with it.

You see, starting out as a parent, I never thought I would be raising three beautiful children with this disorder as well.  My oldest child missed the Epilepsy boat and I am truly thankful as he is a huge help with his siblings.  When my oldest daughter came along, I thought "okay, she's got it and that's that".  Then came my baby girl and it was truly a surprise to me that she also developed this disorder.  It was something I never expected, thinking that only one child would have it.

Imagine my surprise when my last child began having seizures as well!  I'm thankful that by this point, I was aware that it was a possibility though I had hoped he'd also miss the Epilepsy boat like his older brother.  We just were not that lucky.

To be honest, I guess you can say our lives revolve around Epilepsy.  We are constantly on the watch for seizures.  We have to plan our days around my children's triggers - the girls often have seizures in the morning right after waking and the baby usually has his episodes at night.

When we aren't watching for seizures, we are sharing about them.  I tell everyone I know about Epilepsy.  I advocate the right way to help those who are having a seizure and share my knowledge as much as I can, both online and in real life.  That is the only way the stigmas of this disorder will change.

I enjoy telling others our story and I enjoy blogging about Epilepsy so that others can understand what our life is like through this blog.  To learn about us and about Epilepsy, all you have to do is look for our Epilepsy Awareness tab at the top of our page or simply search our blog using the side panel and the keyword: Epilepsy.  You will find tons of posts about our day to day journey with Epilepsy and I can promise you there will be many more to come!

Thanks for joining us!  Until next time...

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