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Kinder Cottage Publishing: Peter Rabbit Series {Crew Review}

Who doesn't love the beautifully written childhood tales of Peter Rabbit?  As a child this series was one of my favorites.  I remember wanting to hear more and more about Peter and the other rabbits story as my Mother read them to me, and later I read them to myself.

Kinder Cottage Publishing has moderately redesigned and published the Peter Rabbit series to be shared with yet another generation of children.  For our review, we were gifted with two beautiful copies of the Kinder Cottage Publishing series: Peter Rabbit at the Farm and Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper.  I was able to choose our books from the series list.

Kinder Cottage Review

I chose Peter Rabbit at the Farm because of my children's love of Farm animals.  We already know Peter's tale by heart so I felt these new stories would continue that love we have of this dear rabbit and his mischievous ways.  I knew Peter Rabbit at the Farm would be a favorite for Laycie and Jackson for years to come.

Kinder Cottage Review

I also chose Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper because I tend to hunt out books that contain my children's names.  They enjoy hearing stories of children and animals that share their name and it builds an interest in them that is special and wonderful to watch blossom.  Right now, Jackson is not even two but I know as he grows up, Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper will be one of our favorites to read together.  After all, my own little Jack is quite the Jumper himself!

Both these books are just gorgeous.  As an avid collector of books for our home library (what homeschooler doesn't have a library??)  I tend to seek out books that are beautifully written and that contain equally gorgeous images illustrated inside.  These books fit that bill.

The books are small, for children's sweet hands.  They are also hardback, making it easier to hold and easy to wipe of the covers when those tiny hands have a bit of goo on them.  Inside, the pages are thick and not frail like many books today.  These books were designed to be used by children and it shows.  They will stand up to time and use for years to come thanks to this design.

The title page of the book is printed directly into the front covers so that children are not affected by the presence of the page as they are viewing the book.  As they read, they are able to dive directly into the words written on the pages, getting straight to the story, as many books in the past were designed for children as well.  This is something I really liked about the series, since my children are often distracted by the publishing page when trying to read their books at home.

The font used throughout the books is large.  It's made so that children can see it and so that they are able to focus on the words themselves.  This large font is great for reluctant readers because it makes it seem as though there are less words, making it less overwhelming for them to read and learn.  Plus it's easy to point out a word that isn't easily read or understood.  These are the types of books I have spent many years hunting out to use with my own struggling readers.

Each page in the books contains an accompanying color illustration.  These illustrations are gorgeously designed with simple lines and muted but beautiful coloring.  They  are not overwhelming and bright as many images used in books today are.  They do not stress the senses while viewing and reading but bring about a curiosity many books today miss completely.  This was another part of the book's design that I truly appreciated.

These books were very easy for all of my readers to use.  I enjoyed reading them to the kids.  My struggling reader found them interesting to read, which is rare for him and my avid reader loved reading them to her little sister and brother as well.  Even Laycie was able to read these books by simply telling me her version on the story through "reading" the picture illustrations throughout.  I truly love books that all my family enjoys.

The Peter Rabbit series from Kinder Cottage Publishing has deeply impressed me.  This is definitely one series and one company we will be looking to add more books from into our library at home.

Kinder Cottage Review

You can purchase Peter Rabbit at the Farm or Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper from Kinder Cottage Publishing.  Both books are $4 each.  There are many more books in the series that you can choose from.  The series does not need to be read in order in order to read.

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