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Library and Educational Services: Go Science DVD Series 2 {Crew Review}

Welcome to Learning Time with Ben Roy!  Ben Roy is the "teacher" on Library and Educational Services excellent Go Science DVD's.  He's so much more than a teacher though as he loves to bring Science to life for children.

Go Science DVD's have been created to be used with children who are ages 6-10.  For this review, we used the second series of the DVD's.  Last year, we reviewed their original series.  Because we LOVED those so much, we chose two new videos for review this year.


These videos were just as great this year as they were last!  Over the past year, we've watched our original Go Science DVD's multiple times.  I didn't notice a lot of differences between series one and two.  There are some new transitional effects but the main content is just as great as the originals.

Each video is a little over an hour long with segments in each covering the topics that the DVD is about.  Each segment lasts just a few minutes but packs a lot of information into that time frame.  You can choose to view the DVD by individual segments or to play all.  We like to play all because once we start learning, it's hard to stop.  Plus Ben Roy really makes Science interesting with his comical ways and his witty humor.  I really learn a lot just listening along!  So do the kids!

Go Science videos are a huge hit around our house and this series is one we go to over and over.  The kids and I both enjoy watching the experiments and we have tried a few on our own after watching.  We've also used what we've learned through the videos to try out other experiments of our own.  Just viewing these videos has definitely changed our learning process and our own experiments in Science.

Through Go Science DVD Volume 1, we learned about the sounds that instruments make and were able to see an piano that had been taken a part.  Ben Roy showed us how the piano works which was completely new information for me.  Another fun experiment was the screaming soda pop can.  This one can be done at home with supervision.
On the main menu of Go Science DVD Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space you can choose between these three topics.  Clicking on each will provide a second menu of experiments that are related to each of these topics.  Between the three topics, there are 15 different segments with experiments to watch and learn about.

Go Science DVD Volume 2: Life Science and Weather starts the same way.  Clicking on each topic leads to a second menu.  Between the two menus, there are 12 episodes with experiments to watch.  Things like a Fire Tornado and Ping Pong Cannon, or How Much Do Your Lungs Hold are covered on this DVD.

Two of our favorites from Go Science DVD Volume 2 are the Naked Egg and Cloud In A Bottle.

The Naked Egg is the experiment where you soak the egg in vinegar until the shells dissolves leaving only the egg membrane and yolk in tact.  The egg feels rubbery and is see through.  This is a great experiment to really show what's inside an Egg.

Cloud in a Bottle is an experiment where you place a bit of alcohol into a 2 liter soda bottle then pump air inside.  Clouds really form from this experiment.  Watching and learning how clouds are created lead us to find other cloud experiments to complete at home.

We love that Go Science DVD's leave us thinking and wanting to learn more.  You can purchase these wonderful DVD's through Library and Educational Services for $8.97 individually or you can purchase the 7 DVD series set for $59.82.

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