Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Case of the Sickies {Thoughts From Me}

Sickness has hit our house.  It's in full force.  The home that usually has little more than a seizure a week hit it, now has the dreaded Summer Colds.

It started with Jack.  He developed a terrible fever of 101 last week.  It spiked to 103 a few times.  His throat was sore.  He vomited and I want mention the amount of diapers that needed changed.  It was awful.

He got better.  We had a few days of bliss without any sickness and then it hit Grandma, Winston and Laycie.  Laycie took the stomach icky part of the bug while Grandma and Winston took the throat issues.  Laycie has a mild sore throat as well.

Today, my poor sweet Winston woke up unable to talk because his throat is inflamed.  I immediately had him start drinking water, as much as possible.  I gave him some medicine and an allergy pill as well to help with the swelling reaction.  Later I gave him some chicken broth boiled with Garlic and then some tea with honey and lemon.  Both helped.

This afternoon, Laycie began feeling badly.  So terrible that she needed a nap with Mommy.  She's been mostly asleep all afternoon and is now sleeping again beside me.  She doesn't seem to have a fever but she does have an upset tummy and cough.  I gave her some medicine and of course, her seizure medicine so that Monster doesn't attack right now.  Sleep seems to be helping her.

I'm trying my best to avoid this sickness and to help Emmalee avoid it with me.  So far so good but it's not over yet.  I hope I don't curse us!

Please say a prayer that these sickies pass us quickly and that our household is soon back to normal.  It breaks my Momma-heart to see my sweet babies sick.

Until next time...

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