Monday, June 30, 2014

End of June Update {Thoughts From Me}

There's so much keeping us busy around here lately.  Home and reviews are overrunning with life.  There's so much to do and so little time.

Days like this I wish I was Born Organized but I am far from it.  My home overflows with stuff and busy days.   Doctors appointments have taken much of my time lately and just keeping the basics done around home.

The small things I do get done fill up fast.  I can't keep up and I really don't bother trying.  At this season in life, as long as the kids are happy, learning and fed, that's all that matters to me.  There's no way to get anything else in.

At this stage, I'm on a learning mission.  Learning about Faith, Life, Love and yes, organizing it all both physically and mentally.  It's not an easy lesson but it's all falling in place as I age.  Every day I come a little closer to making things better for us.

Right now we are facing some struggles.  Laycie is changing medication because hers is no longer controlling as it needs to be and I pray this change is for the best for her.  Jackson has a small bug and a high fever to go with it.  He's also battling constipation and we aren't sure where it's coming from but he's starting medication to help with that as well.

Winston and Emmalee are troopers as always.  Emma does have her wellness check-up this week and hopefully we can get her going with her orthopedics again soon because that really needs done.  With all the sickness from Laycie and Jax we've had to put off a lot in the last year.  Now that we have more balance, I can now deal with those things that we had to put onto the back burner.

Life has been so busy lately that I've barely been online except through my phone and I truthfully needed that little break to refocus.  It takes balance to live the life you want and so I've been trying to find a good balance to get to where we need to be.  It's a slow process but we are heading that way.

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