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3P Learning: Mathletics {Schoolhouse Review}

For this review, we were gifted a one year subscription for two of my children to 3P Learning's Mathletics program online.  This is an online program for grades K through 12.  We used the Kindergarten and 4th grade levels.  This program costs $59 per child currently with the program discount being offered at the time of this review.

You may have heard of 3P Learning if you have ever heard of Reading Eggs.  3P Learning is an innovative online company that produces quality educational programming that can be used as a supplement to your regular educational programs.  Mathletics is a part of this programming and, as it suggests in the program's name, this program is all about Math.

Mathletics is a mathematical program that works well for any child as a supplement to their regular math curriculum.  It helps to ensure that students are learning math concepts they are being taught for their grade level.  This is not an instruction program.  It is Common Core Aligned to go along with the current standards set forth by the government for education.

This program allows the parent to keep up with what the child is doing in the program by sending out weekly statements with your students reports.  This is great to be able to print and see where your child is struggling, as well as to see where they are exceeding in their lessons.  These updates come straight to the parents email.

Also this program allows the student to see accomplishments by providing the student with an award or online trophy for completion of parts of the program lessons.  This gives the child confidence in learning and helps them strive to do better as they learn new math that is on their grade level.  This is a great learning incentive for students.

When the student logs into the program for the first time, they are able to create an avatar that fits to them.  They can change clothing color, hair color, eye color and shape and much more.  Once this is complete they find themselves on the main page.  Here you can click on settings where you can change your program's background to different scenes.  We choose a lovely horse scene for Emmalee since horses are her favorite and we chose an outdoor scene for Laycie which includes cute houses and lots of butterflies.  There are lots of other scenes to choose from for both boys and girls.

Initially, the program was a bit tricky to figure out, especially for Laycie, who is in Kindergarten level.  There is a lot on the main page for students that I feel isn't really necessary and I would have liked to see more of the games front and center to get her started easily.  This site can also be a bit competitive which I don't like in educational program because it's our family belief that competition is not needed in learning.  Overall, it was very helpful and Emmalee did really enjoy being able to test her skills in this way.  Emmalee is in the 4th grade level for this program.

Both girls really enjoyed the games and learned a lot from those.  They were eye-catching graphically but not overwhelming and the concepts taught were easily followed.  Nothing over their heads was presented but it was still challenging them in learning.  It is easy to change their level in the parent section if need be and move them ahead to the next grade level if they finish their current grade level during use of the program.

This was a program I could let Emmalee loose with and she was able to follow along with well.  However, I was not able to do that with Laycie.  Because of the set-up, she needed me nearby to help her figure out what to do and what areas to visit to play the games.  So my recommendation is to either make sure you have time to work on the program, you have an older child help a younger student or you use this program with more independent children than my 6 year old happens to be.

The thing I loved most about Mathletics was the workbooks that were in the Parent section.  These were awesome and easy to print to use right away.  Both girls love workbook pages and most Math workbooks are so boring and lifeless.  These were far from that with their cute graphics.  The problems were challenging and well they were just great accessories for the program.  I wasn't expecting such great materials to use offline.

Mathletics will be a program that we will continue to use in the future and one we look forward to using through the year.  At $59 a year per child, it's an affordable program to use at home.  We definitely have enjoyed it.

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