Friday, August 1, 2014

A Week Without the Kids: Part 2 {Thoughts From Me}

It's Friday and this week has flown by.  I originally wanted to write a series this week but, well, there hasn't been much excitement to expand on. You see the life of a Mom without her kids gets pretty boring.  Really, there isn't a lot to do once you get your homekeeping done because no one is here to  make a mess.

I have two more days before the kids come back home.  I have no real plans for those days.  The dayswill be filled with things that need to get done around the house, like any other weekend.  I would like to go back to the beach and we do have a bit of shopping to do but otherwise, no plans.  Just a normal weekend.

My week has been filled with cleaning house and working on photographs that I'm behind on.  I shot a friends wedding earlier this month so those photos were first to be completed.  It took me three nights but I'm finally done - whoever said the life of a photographer was easy was completely wrong.  Photo editing takes a long time even with the nifty software that helps to make it easier.

I'm pretty proud of myself though.  I did accomplish a lot this week but there is still a lot I did not get done.  Many neglected areas of our home have received attention but there are still many areas that require my attention calling.  One day I will get to those.

Next week will be extremely busy.  I have some kind of medical appointment every single day except next Friday.  Things we have been putting off getting done are finally happening.  I will update on all of that next week though.

For now, I'm off to dinner with my man.  Not sure what's happening this weekend but I'm sure wherever we end up will be wonderful.  I'm hoping to hit the beach at some point if this weather will clear up.  Water and sand sounds like the perfect plan.

Until next time, here are some recently completed photos to get you through...

Isn't Love beautiful?? 

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