Sunday, August 17, 2014

End of Summer Update!

I have been taking some time off from being online and blogging but only briefly.  My mind is so full of so many things that I have a hard time keeping up some days.  Add in our busy life and well, it's all craziness.  I'm sure you can all relate.

The kids have been doing exceptionally well lately.  Jackson and Laycie are both great.  Jack's last medication increase a few months ago was just what he needed to gain control of his Involuntary Breath Holding Spells.  The seizures have stopped for now though he still has IBHS episodes.  I am tremendously thankful for no seizures with them.

Laycie is now on Zonegran for her seizures and it's working really well for her.  She does get emotional in the early afternoon, especially when she hasn't eaten well that day which is a side-effect of the medicine's control and she also sleeps for quite a while after taking her medication.  On the nights she sleeps with Mommy and Daddy we often don't awaken until late morning.

Emma saw the ortho last week, who has requested an MRI to verify there is no issue with her back that is causing the toe-walking.  After that is done, he will tell us the next action for her - either cast or surgery as needed to repair her feet.  I'm very happy to be at this point in her treatment, as it's been a long time coming.  Jackson's needs put us slightly off-track last year but we will now be able to get done what's been placed on hold for the past year.

As always, Winston is doing great.  I quizzed him on a few things the other day and was pleasantly surprised at his level of knowledge after all our struggles with reading and comprehension over the years.  I believe he's ready for some more structured lessons and headed on a great path for the future.  I'm so very proud of him and all he has accomplished despite his learning challenges.

The past few weeks, we've really been enjoying life and all the things in it.  We've been spending a great deal of time outside with the cooling weather and are looking forward to Fall, when we can have more field trips and outdoor activities.  We are really hoping to be able to get the pool soon too which will be great for Emma as well.

In anticipation for Fall, we've been going through a great deal of things around the house and tossing out the old for the new.  This past weekend, Josh and I cleared the entire back porch, washed it with bleach and Dawn dishsoap, then we sealed the wood with Thompson's.  We angered a nest of Wasps in the process, who had made the underneath of the deck their summer home but they will just have to find a new spot to build, hopefully well away from my porch!  Tomorrow I have to reset the items that belong on the porch and do some rearranging and organizing for the kids playthings that belong on there.

In the next few weeks, we will be busy enjoying the end of Summer.  Jackson's party is coming up - it's so hard to believe he is two already!  We are planning a Mickey Mouse party for him this year with all the people who love him so much!

Then we have a wedding to attend the weekend after that.  I'll be doing the photography and it will be a weekend get away for me, Josh and some friends that is greatly looked forward to.  That same weekend doubles as mine and Josh's fifth year together so lots of good things happening there.

Well that's the update for the end of Summer of our busy life.  Hope you are all enjoying the last days of Summer Fun.  Till we meet again....

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