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UberSmart Math Facts {Schoolhouse Review}

For this review, we were gifted a full download with lifetime license code for UberSmart Math Facts from UberSmart Software.  This program was wonderful.  It's a great way to teach or review Math Facts for any age.

UberSmart Math Facts can be used with people of any age but is specifically designed to be used with students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.  It's a downloadable software program that can be used with eight or more students.  The software requirements are for Windows 7, Windows 8, XP or Vista only.  The cost for UberSmart Math Facts is only $24.95.  That's a steal for such a wonderful program to teach your student Math Facts!

The kids liked UberSmart Math Facts a lot.  All three of my school-aged students were able to easily use this program.  They simply logged on and began to work through the Math Facts on their own.

If you aren't sure what a Math Fact is, they are your simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems that you probably learned in Early Elementary school.  1+1, 1-1, 1x1, and 1/1 are all Math Facts - place in any number you wish to create a Math Fact problem.  Math Facts are important to build a strong Mathematical foundation before heading into higher Math programs.

UberSmart makes teaching Math Facts easy through their many program options.  Your student can practice and learn Math Facts by selecting the Learn tab in the program.  They can then choose to learn with Dots (like those found on Dominoes game pieces) either with or without Numbers or learn with only numbers for the problems they are learning to complete.  The Dots show the amount for each number making it a bit easier for younger students.  This also gives the student visual reminders for the numbers amount, teaching one-to-one correspondence in Math.

After "learning" the Math Facts, students can then Practice their Math Facts by clicking on the second tab in the program which is labeled "Practice".  Students are then given several Facts to answer in order to practice what they've learned.  Math Facts for addition and subtraction go up to the 9's.  Math Facts for multiplication and division have the option of going to the 9's or going to the 20's.  The choice is yours and your students.

There is also a "test" for UberSmart Math Facts.  This can be found by clicking the third tab appropriately named "Test".  This test is nice for the parents/teacher and student to see if the student is really learning their Math Facts and where they may need review.

The fourth tab for UberSmart Math Facts is a tab called "Compete".  This allows the user to compete to test their skills against others.  This would be a great option for those who wish to test their child's skills.  I don't personally care for this option since we try to avoid competitions in our home but my Emma did enjoy testing her knowledge by using it - she is my competitive child when it comes to learning.

The fifth tab for the program is the Report tab.  This is where the teacher/parent or even the student can check in to see how they are doing with their learning.  It shows the tests, the passed levels of practice and basics of what the student has completed.  It's a nice option to be able to see where your student may or may not need help.

The last tab is the Maintain tab.  This is where you set up your students and passwords.  You can also find program updates in this section and input your license for the program as necessary.  It's basically the game settings area for the program.

That pretty much sums up UberSmart Math Facts.  We used this program on and off through the review period.  All three of my school-age children have accounts created and each was easily able to log onto the program.  They worked at Math for varied periods of time and enjoyed using it.  It was a lot like using flashcards, only interactively.  My son loved the program because it wasn't overwhelming and it wasn't too fast.  There also wasn't a lot of reading involved for him to do.

UberSmart Math Facts would be great for public school students who need extra math practice, as well as Homeschool students who may need the same.  It would be a great program to use for early Math learning of Math Facts as well.  We certainly will be continuing to use this program in the future.

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