Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wizzy Gizmo - Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything {Schoolhouse Review}

My family and I love audio dramas so when I discovered we could review Wizzy Gizmo's Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything, I was pretty excited.  The kids all know the story of how God created our world but lately Laycie's been asking more specific questions and what better way to cover this topic than with a "fun" story to listen to.  I'm telling you, Who Created Everything could not have come at a better time.

We love audio dramas.  They are great for listening to when we get bored and when we get tired of viewing random television.  They are also great to carry with us in the car when we take long trips to our doctors, which happens pretty often in our family.  What better way to pass the time than by listening to a fun story on through the stereo?!  Even my hardest to please child enjoys listening along.

Join Summer, Thomas, Eli and Olive as they meet Professor Wizzy Gizmo and head on the adventure of a lifetime to learn the story of Creation from Genesis.  Learn what Gizmovision is and how this great machine helps to make all this happen.  And best of all, plant the seed of the word within  your child's heart through this wonderfully spoken audio drama.

Who Created Everything is designed to be used with children ages 4-12 but can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  I know I enjoyed listening along with my kids while we took this adventure and learned.  I'm sure you and your family will enjoy this audio drama as well.

The details in the characters in this drama are exceptional.  They really make you want to hear more of the story.  The drama is extremely funny as well, which my children loved and the special effects were pretty amazing.  Even my two year old enjoyed listening along with us because the sounds were able to capture his attention, which is often hard to do.

The CD is about an hour long.  36 minutes is the actual audio drama and there are an additional 24 minutes of bonus content, like songs and such to listen to.  Perfect for a drive or to keep your children busy while you set up their next lesson or even cook a meal.  You can use this audio drama in so many ways.

The absolute best thing about this audio drama is that it is a great way to learn the Bible and gives a thorough Biblical lesson to your children and family.  It really helps to bring the Bible to life for children therefore bringing your children, and you, closer to God.  What a wonderful way to learn and spread God's word!!

Wizzy Gizmo's Audio Drama One: Who Created Everything is available for purchase from their website for $14.99.  This is a complete CD ROM for you to use.  To listen before you buy, you can find sample clips from the CD available on the website as well.

There are also lots of fun things to do on the Wizzy Gizmo website.  Coloring pages, games and more.  These additional tidbits make this CD extra fun!

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