Thursday, October 16, 2014

Apologia: iWitness

For this review, I received copies of the three books from the iWitness series from Apologia Educational Ministries.  I received the following titles: iWitness Biblical Archaeology, Old Testament iWitness, and New Testament iWitness.  All of these were written by Doug Powell.

Each of these titles are priced at $14 per book through Apologia Educational Ministries.  The series is designed for persons with a reading level of age 11 and up.  They can be used with younger students as well if read along with an older person.

Each of these books features a different aspect of learning about the Bible.  In true, Apologia fashion these books are awesome.  If you read my blog, then you know one of my favorite ministries and products to use in homeschooling is Apologia Educational Ministries.

The books are formatted as multi-media artwork, much like a journal.  Each is filled with wonderful information sharing important points on the Biblical topic they discuss, as well as important proof to prove truth in the facts shared.  The books are small but jam-packed with interesting information.

I personally read through these and shared the information with my children as I did.  I enjoyed the fun format and found it intriguing to read through.  I learned so many things about the Bible that I didn't know.  

For instance, iWitness Biblical Archaeology, which was my favorite of all the books, tells of the stories related to the Big Flood of Biblical times.  I did not know that there were so many stories from different nations that tell of the great Flood.  Through reading I found this fact to be true.

These books also share photos and facts that you may otherwise miss in regular stories of the Bible.  They show you what really happened in the time period and what life was really like.  It was interesting to see all of these things compiled along with the wonderful facts about them.  And best was that because it's an Apologia series, I know the facts are right simply because of the standards of Apologia Educational Ministries.

These are books that will be added into our home library.  My daughter has already picked them up and read through them several times.  Even my Mom has enjoyed reading these and she's pretty picky about the things she reads.

Each of these books share such unique details about the Bible.  Stuff I have honestly never seen in a book I have read.  It was a great joy to read through these and truly helped bring the Bible to life for us. They would be great to use as a Biblical supplement or even just to read through.  There are so many uses for these titles.

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