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Clued In Kids: Halloween and Winter Treasure Hunts {Schoolhouse Review}

When Helen Bertelli was a little girl she had a big dream.  She wanted to create Treasure Hunts to share with people every where.  After she had her two beautiful children she made her dream come true and created Clued In Kids.

We received two wonderful treasure hunts to use from Clued In Kids: Halloween Treasure Hunt and Winter Treasure Hunt.  These treasure hunts are designed to be used with families and friends who are various ages, though I would say these two hunts are for younger children mostly.  They are great fun for all who use them though.

Halloween Treasure Hunt and Winter Treasure Hunt are both in PDF form so they are easily printed and can be used with multiple students and family.  These would be great for a classroom or a small party to use just for something fun to do.  We, of course, used them as a family and the kids had so much fun!

Each hunt begins with a title page, followed by simple instructions on how to use the hunt with your family or your students.  Each hunt also has an answer key to help you, the instructor/helper, determine if the answer is correct or not.  There are also tips for you to help  make the hunting process go smoother as you complete each treasure hunt.

As you set up the hunt, you will see how each clue feeds into the next making finding the clues easy and fun.  Even the youngest of children can complete these treasure hunts with help from the instructor to make participation fun.  All of my kids enjoyed working through the clues and helping one another find the correct answers as we completed the treasure hunts.

Halloween Treasure Hunt is, of course, designed to be completed around the time of Halloween.  If you don't celebrate Halloween then, of course, this would not be a treasure hunt you will wish to complete.  Our family loves Halloween so I knew this one would be perfect for us!

Halloween Treasure Hunt is not scary and simply gives clues for things like pumpkins, ghosts, witches and more in a non-frightening manner.  The treasure hunt items used are things like brooms, milk, the dishwasher, among many more.  This particular hunt shares 12 clues.  The length of time it takes to complete this hunt will depend on how quickly your family or students can decipher the clues.

Winter Treasure Hunt is completely Winter related.  There are also 12 clues in this hunt.  Items used are things like your coat, socks, gloves and more.  Places used to hide items are with the shoes, forks, crayons and many other silly places.  This hunt is a little funny and fun because it has your children put their items on a bit wacky at the end and that's definitely a lot of fun!

Halloween Treasure Hunt and Winter Treasure Hunt are both PDF files which can be printed again and again.  They can also be used for multiple students/family members.  Both Halloween Treasure Hunt and Winter Treasure Hunt cost $5.99 each which is an excellent price for so much fun!

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