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Jim Hodges Productions: True To The Old Flag {Crew Review}

For this review, we were gifted a free copy of Jim Hodges Productions' True To The Old Flag by G.A. Henty.  True To The Old Flag is A Tale of the American War of Independence.  This MP3 formated disc is available for purchase for $25 or you can download these files for $18.  Jim Hodges Productions Audio Books are designed to be used with students of all ages.

G.A. Henty was a sickly child who wasn't expected to live through his childhood but overcame his illnesses to become one of the greatest writers of his time.  G.A. Henty was an English author and wrote 122 works of historical fiction.  His works cover the time periods from 1867 to 1906.  Henty was born December 8, 1832 and died November 16, 1902.  His works were based on the history he viewed first hand throughout his lifetime.

True To The Old Flag shares with us the story of the American War of Independence.  This historical piece is set from 1775 to 1783 during the heart of the Revolutionary War.  The viewpoint is from that of the Loyalist side of the war, or the British perspective.  Important events such as the Battle of Concord and the Battle of Lexington are shared through the imaginative writing of Henty and recorded through Jim Hodges Audio Books for this disc.

We listened to this disc and enjoyed learning a different side to the war.  Growing up in the American South, we often get one side to the American Revolution and that side is strictly Southern.  Living in Georgetown, where much of this war took place, you can imagine the history of the war is extremely one-sided and it is.  This perspective was nice to share with my family, with my children, as we learn more and more of our local American History.  It also lead us to great discussions and a change of pace from our regular American based biased studies.

In addition to the MP3 disc, we were gifted a copy of the study guide to use along with the program. Study Guide for G.A. Henty's True To The Old Flag was a great accessory to listening along with the disc.  There are tons of key vocabulary that is shared here for us to expand our lessons.  There are also multiple questions to really help us grasp what we heard in listening.  These questions really got us thinking and questioning what we had heard.

Additionally, the study guide shared great activities to help expand on our learning.  There were also links to view to help solidify what we had been listening to.  I think these were most enjoyable as they really helped to bring the stories and history to life.

True To The Old Flag is a 10 hour MP3 disc or download.  There are 21 chapters to listen to and learn from.  The PDF download of the study guide is 36 pages in length and jam-packed with questions, vocabulary and links to expand the lessons being learned.  True To The Old Flag focuses on the American Revolution and would make a great addition to anyone study this particular time period in history.

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