Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Liberty Videos: A Nation Adrift

For this review, we were gifted a DVD copy of New Liberty Videos Presents A Nation Adrift.   These videos are designed for a general audience of all ages, though some of this information will be too advanced for younger students, it can be adapted for various ages.  The videos make a great addition to any homeschooling library to view.

A Nation Adrift features bits and pieces of American History from the United States of America's great past.  A Nation Adrift shares how the United States was founded with the help of God's guidance and hand.  This video shares how God has had a hand in our country from the very beginning.

The video begins sharing information and stories of God's work from Christopher Columbus' discovery of this land, during the settling of Jamestown through the Civil War and well beyond.  The video is approximately 93 minutes in length and the sections are short but filled with important information on how God's plan has come together to create this great nation.  The journey and information shared within this video helps to ensure the understanding that God has always been a part of this nation and should continue to be a part of this nation through the future of our country.

We watched this video as a family.  The information shared was interesting though the video was boring in a few areas, especially to my younger child.  The shared images and short clips were great to see and a wonderful way to introduce many new topics to my children.

The video can be watched all-in-one clip or broken into parts.  We first watched it all the way through.  I do like that I can go back and watch sections for our learning.  This makes it easy to feature certain areas as we learn more about them and view the images shared on the video that we may have otherwise missed.

I did not like that some of the informational clips were so short that some of the information could easily be missed.  It would  have been nice to have them lengthened just a little so that they gave more of an impact to my students and family.  Some of the information went by so fast that we would need to be paying full attention to grasp the information and that's not always possible when you have students with ADHD and also little ones in the household that you're trying to keep occupied while watching.  If you are able to have students watch this alone or with headphones, that may help the student focus better and not miss any information shared within the video itself.

I also like that this video is completely Christian based.  If you're looking for a secular video, then New Liberty Videos are not what you will want to view but if you're looking for a strong christian based video, New Liberty Videos will be just what you need!

New Liberty Videos Presents A Nation Adrift is available for purchase for $19.95 on their website.  There are other wonderful videos available from this company as well.

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