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David Nicholson: If He Had Not Come {Crew Review}

If He Had Not Come is a gorgeous Christian children's book from David Nicholson.  The story in this book originates from a story originally written by Nan F. Weeks and is retold beautifully by David Nicholson.

The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and were designed and completed by Charles Jaskiewicz.  The pages truly come to life as you read through the story.  The images are clear and vivid.

This book truly speaks to your heart.  If He Had Not Come tells the story of a young boy named Bobby.  It begins with Bobby hanging his stocking above the fireplace on Christmas Eve in a fully decorated holiday room.

Before bed, Bobby's father reads to him from the Bible.  He particularly shares the words John 15:22 "If I had not come."  Bobby went to sleep with these words mulling in his mind.

Have you ever thought about that verse yourself?  What if God had not sent his son to save us?  What would this world be like?  Would their be churches or Christmas?  Would their be soup kitchens or shelters?  Would people know the love and kindness that we know today?
Bobby quickly found the answers to these questions and through this story we learn the answers.  God reaches us every day in so many ways but had his son not come, we may have missed out on so much.  If He Had Not Come helps us to see the truth in just how much Jesus' birth really has given and blessed all of us.

This is a gorgeous book for Christmas and would make a great gift for all Christian families.  At the end of the story there are Interactive Topics for family and Sunday school use.  These topics lead to great discussions and help put this story into perspective for students.

There is a page titled Going Deeper which also helps promote real thinking about this book and it's subject.  Another page is titled The Gospel Message which shares the story and truth of Jesus with others who may not know His love.  And lastly, there is a page titled An Idea to Help You Celebrate Christmas.  This is just a sweet idea of drawing a Christmas tree that any child will love to complete.

We read this book as a family several times and we have really enjoyed it.  The discussions it lead to were wonderful and really got my children thinking.  My Mother even enjoyed this story.

This book is such a beautiful one.  It left me with tears in my eyes thinking about what if Jesus had never come.  It's truly heart-touching and should be in the homes of every Christian family.

If He Had Not Come written by Nan F. Weeks and reintroduced by David Nicholson is available for purchase for $18.95 as a hardbook children's book or $3.99 for an e-Book copy.  This is a book for all ages but especially for young children.  It is approximately 40 pages in length.

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