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Purposeful Design: Understanding The Creation {Schoolhouse Review}

Purposeful Design: Understanding The Creation is now one of my favorite books.  This book is gorgeously designed and packed full of wonderful information showing God's Glory in His Design of Creation.  Jay Schabacker of Purposeful Design has created a wonderful experience for others to share within the pages of this wonderful book.

The book is hardback and the cover itself begins expressing the beauty that is held within these pages.  God's hand holding our beautiful planet among the stars of the galaxy is showcased on the front cover of this gorgeous designed book.  The cover definitely draws the reader to find what lies inside the pages of Purposeful Design.

The pages are crisp and clean in design.  They are semi-glossy so they showcase the information better as you are reading through.  This really makes the gorgeous pictures within the book's pages stand out.

The book itself is approximately 94 pages in length.  It is comprised of 7 chapters discussing various aspects of God's intent in designing our world.  Chapter 1 begins with the First Day while Chapter 7 ends with the Seventh Day of Creation.

As you've probably guessed, this book is extremely Christian oriented.  It's a Science and Fact book, as well as a Christian one.  It would be perfect for any household who's lessons are centered around Biblical studies.

The font used within the book is large enough that even struggling readers can see it to better understand the meaning of the lessons and the wonderful information shared.  This also makes the pages feel less jumbled.  Great, too, for those who may not see as well, like Grandma who often reads to our children in my household.

We learned so much reading through Purposeful Design together.  We learned that we always see the same side of the moon because it does not rotate on an Axis.  We learned why an Apple a Day keeps the doctor away.  We learned about tides and we learned about turtles among many more things.  Each page was filled with some different and new info, some that we knew and others that we did not.

The kids truly enjoyed this book as much as I did.   They loved the photos and the information they learned from reading through each page.  They have shared this information with everyone they know and have enjoyed sharing the knowledge they've discovered through our use of this book.

A bonus to go along with the book is that on the Purposeful Design website you can find curriculum to go along with the book.  This is a PDF download of a short workbook that you can use to ensure your students are really learning what they are reading through the text of the book.  My kids and I enjoyed this review of the information contained within the book's pages.

The workbook contains pages for each chapter of the textbook.  There are questions, fun activities and expansion ideas that can be used to build upon the lessons within the text.  This is a great bonus to use to learn with Purposeful Design.

You can purchase your own copy of the gorgeous book, Purposeful Design: Understanding The Creation by Jay Schabacker from Purposeful Design for $18.95 each.  It is recommended for all ages. This book is well worth the cost and has been greatly enjoyable to us.  We know you will love it as well!

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