Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snake Oil Party Potion {Crew Review}

We received from Out Of The Box Games a copy of the extremely fun game Snake Oil Party Potion for review. This game is designed to be used with children and families age 8 and up.  It retails for $14.99 and is a ton of fun to play.  Look for it at a toy store near you!

Have you ever heard of Snake Oil?  Snake Oil is a term from the olden days that was used to describe fake health products.  In the good old days, salesmen or Charlatan's would go around putting oils or liquors into medicine bottles and convince customers they had the cure for you!  They claimed their oil would bring relief which was often untrue but by the time you realized it, these Snake Oil salesmen would be long gone and your money would too!

To play the game Snake Oil Party Potion, you should have 3-6 players.  It takes about 30 minutes to play a full game.  The game is designed to be used with those who are age 8 and up.

First you need to choose a Customer.  The customer chooses a customer card.  The customer cards are blue on one side and green on the other.  They choose which side they wish and that is the role for the game.  Some of the choices are Mad Scientist, Life Guard, Waitress, Astronaut, and more.

There are two sets of Word Cards.  These are used by the players to create a product for the Customer.  You must combine two word cards to create the potion.  As soon as the player is ready they can begin to "pitch" their product to the customer.  A customer can cut the "pitches" off if they are too lengthy in tone.  

After the players have all made their pitches, the Customer can reward the Customer card to the player with the best sales pitch.  The player to the left of the original Customer then becomes the next customer and the game continues until everyone has been the Customer at least once.  At the end of the game, the player with the most Customer cards wins the game.

Snake Oil Party Potion can be combined with the original Snake Oil game as well.   This allows you to expand the game further, making it even more fun, as the cards for each game are different.  The more people you play with the more fun the game.

We used this game as something fun to do as a family.  My kids loved it and laughed so hard while we played.  It is now one of their absolute favorite game to play.  You should see the hilarious combinations they come up with.  And practicing sales pitches has been very beneficial to their speech and speaking in public.

I also included my 6 year old in playing this game with little problems.  I helped her and she jumped right in playing along with us.  She loved being a part of the group and being able to play along.

Snake Oil Party Potion from Out Of The Box Games is so much fun!!!

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