Monday, December 29, 2014

Life's Journey

The world can change in a blink of an eye and life can change in a simple heartbeat.  Nothing stays the same and we must always keep going.  Moving forward, looking for the next step, the next path we should take to continue on.

Life's a journey.  It's a time traveled, well walked path that takes us onward even when we aren't ready to move on.  Things end, new things begin and somehow we all make it through.

We aren't given a choice to live.  We are born.  We move inch by inch every day to find our worth in this world.  Our existence and purpose is ours alone to glorify that which we cannot see.

Simply put, we live because we are born to live.

There is no magic way to get through the days.  There is no winner.  There is no competition.  We are here to be here for one thing only: God's Glory.

Sometimes we forget this and need just that small reminder where we are slightly knocked and sometimes pummeled by the trials set forth upon us to make us into better people.  Our lives are ours to live but they are ours only to bring forth the beauty of the Human Spirit and breath God in the day to day for others to see His existence and His love through us.

God is the most important aspect of this World.  All things must come back to him.  Life cycles until we find Heaven again, from the beginning through to the end.

God is the glory and the joy of the world.  Faith in Him leads you to where you should be in life.  Never give up hope.  Hold on to that single mustard seed of Faith and let him show you where you should go as you travel through this journey called Life.

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