Friday, March 28, 2014

Another brief update... {Thoughts From Me}

This month has flown by.  We have been so busy.  So much going on.  Sometimes Life just takes over and you land where it takes you.

I haven't been online much except through my cell phone.  Our entire house is a work zone.  We have the living room torn apart.  New paint is on the walls.  New flooring is being laid into place.  It's definitely a work in progress and a really long process!  Our weekend project has turned into two weeks of work but it will be so worth it once it is done.

I have plenty of pics and even a video of the work being done which I will be sharing soon.  I just want it finished so our life can go back to order.  I can't even get to the printer at this point! Accchhhh!  Every Homeschooling Momma's worse nightmare! LOL

So this will be another short post from us to you.  Hope you all are doing great.  Until the next time...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Vacation's over: Home again and raring to go! {Thoughts From Me}

Vacation has ended and Momma is BACK!  I'm home and back into the throws of things.  Even the shortest escapes come back to reality at some point.

It's been a long two weeks between MUSC and going "home".  It was a good week with the baby at the hospital and it was a much needed week going "home".  I feel rejuvenated from my vacation.

Now I'm ready to get back into focus about working out and redoing our home.  It's time to get back onto the organization track and back on track with the rest of our lives as well.  It's slow going but will be well-worth it in the end of things.

So tomorrow I will be getting up and getting the rest of the stuff out of our living room so that I can focus on painting our walls.  Once that's done, we can start on our floors and get the furniture back into place so that we can rearrange to fit our needs best. 

These posts have been really short lately but it's because I have a tremendous amount of stuff going on around the house and in life.  Hopefully, it all settles down soon.  Until then...

Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm On A Mini-Vacation... Be Back Soon! {Thoughts From Me}

I've been super duper busy this past week.  I took a mini-vacation to visit a friend and have been helping her out all week.  It's nice but I really miss my kids.  I'll be back home very soon though and plan to get lots of kisses and hugs from them.

This week, I was able to get a much needed haircut.  Sometimes the simplest changes make all the difference.  I also dyed my hair blonde again, which I really love!

I took a quick trip to do some shopping and found lots of cute shirts and jeans as well.  I really needed some new clothes that fit well.

I've been keeping up with the gym somewhat while being here.  It's great motivation but I haven't lost any weight.  I have put on a few pounds from eating lots this week though.  I need to make some plans for health and weight management very soon though.

Since I'm out of town for the week, there isn't a lot to update with.  Do you take mini-vacations?  How do you enjoy a little time just for you?

Egglo Entertainment: Glow In The Dark Eggs and More {Crew Review}

If you know our family, then you know we have lots of kids.  We always have lots of children around to play as well and family gatherings every chance we get.  We love to do fun things like water balloon fights, playing ball, taking trips and hide and go seek.  We also love Easter Egg Hunts so when the review for Egglo Entertainment became available I was extremely excited.

Let me be honest.  We have ALWAYS wanted to do a nighttime egg hunt and have looked multiple times for glow in the dark eggs!  Well, we found them through Egglo Entertainment!

For this review, we were given a full set of Glow In The Dark Egglo Eggs.  These eggs are AWESOME.  They are plastic but not the cheap kind.  They are a thick, sturdy plastic.  They snap together like regular Easter eggs and are easy to open and shut.

These eggs also come with beautiful designs etched on the plastic, which shows as they glow.  They are charged through light like most glow in the dark products.  The colors are shine beautifully as they are used.  Each set contains a full dozen eggs.

In addition to the eggs, we received a copy of The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure.  This is a 40 page, full-color book all about Easter by Darcie Cobos.  It's illustrated by Golden Street Animations.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure helps connect the use of Easter eggs to the story of Jesus by sharing the Gospel in an easy to understand and simple manner.  Following Hardy, Anastasia, Pascal and even Zeke the dog around as they search to find these glowing Easter eggs.  Each egg they find shares a bit of Jesus's story throughout the book.  Children learn from the adventures of these three children as they read the story.  There is also an audio version available so children can listen as they read.

We also received a set of Egglo Treasure Scripture Scrolls.  These adorable mini scrolls share Jesus's story and provide a little extra fun for children.  You can stick them inside the eggs to give an extra fun experience to your hunt.  My children thought these little scrolls were delightful.

In addition to all of the above materials is the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide.  This is a one time download of all the curriculum necessary to use with the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure program.  This includes coloring pages, extra scrolls to share, mini paper Easter eggs, activities to complete, recipes for themed snacks, and so much more!  There are 60 pages in this curriculum set.

My children truly have enjoyed playing with the Glow In The Dark Egglo Eggs and following along in the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book and program.  They loved the story and enjoyed hiding these eggs most of all.  We've had indoor and outdoor hunts using these awesome glowing eggs which is something they have always wanted to do.  I'm extremely impressed with the quality of this program.

You can purchase a set of Glow In The Dark Egglo Eggs for $11.99.  The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure full-color book is available for $12.99 as well.  The audio download for the book is an additional $2.99.  You can purchase the Egglo Treasure Scripture Scrolls for $4.29.  The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide/Curriculum is available for purchase for $14.99.  The entire Egglo Kit all together can be purchased for $54.99.  Egglo products are for children of all ages!

You can find Egglo Entertainment in the following places online:
Google +:

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014 Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Essentials of Fractions {Crew Review} has been creating quality Science and Math videos for learning since 2004.  These simple and easy to learn from videos make learning and teaching Math and Science easy. really shows students and educators how to use Math and view Science in methods outside of traditional teaching styles.

For this review, we were sent a copy of Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Essentials of Fractions.  This is a full-length video course with instructional videos on learning to the process of completing fractions in Math.  Included with this DVD video are also worksheets which can be printed to go along with student lessons.

Since this video is instructional, I was able to let my 11 year old daughter and my 13 year old son watch the video, follow the lead of the instructor and complete the lessons themselves with very little input from me.  They found the lessons simple enough to follow.  They honestly chose to watch the video through completely the first time I handed it to them, much as they did last year when we reviewed Amazing Science from

When I received our DVD, I immediately printed out the necessary worksheets for them to complete as they worked through and watched the videos.  The worksheets are basic and go along with the lessons as they are following along in the program.  They were able to view their video lesson for the day and grab the worksheet that went along with the lesson to complete.

We worked through this video for several weeks, working on one lesson per day for the review period.  We did not work on the lessons daily but we did work 3-4 days a week.  I put no time limit on how long they took to complete their lessons.  They would work through until they were complete and we reviewed the videos until they were able to understand the lessons they were covering.

Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Essentials of Fractions taught my children all about Fractions.  Through this video, they learned to write fractions out as words and numbers.  They also learned about the Greatest Common Factor of a number.  Prime Factorization, equivalent fractions and renaming fractions was also covered in our lessons on this video.  Simplifying fractions, mixed and improper fractions were also all covered through videos this disk and more.

Mastering 5th Grade Math - Volume 1 - Essentials of Fractions is available to purchase from for $15.99 plus shipping. This particular DVD is for children in grades 4-6 or those who need reinforcement in learning Fractions. You can find samples of the video lessons on the website.  Other lesson videos are also available for purchase from

You can also find on Facebook:

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Update for March {Thoughts From Me}

There's been a lot of reviewing going on lately.  Work is back in full swing.  All things in life are back to normal.

Last week was spent at MUSC for  Jackson's sleep study and EEG.  He did really well and there was no activity showing on his EEG.  This does not mean he doesn't have Epilepsy, just that the activity wasn't showing while we were there.  We will have to repeat this study later on but for now, it's overwith.

For the next month, my concentration will be on my house.  I have a lot of organizing planned and I'm painting.  I choose a beautiful blue for our living room.  It's all ready to go but I haven't had time to get it done.  Flooring is also going to be done.

I really can't remember if I've mentioned all these things already or not.  My poor brain is on overdrive right now.  So much to do and get done.

So that's our update for now.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Motivated Moms {Crew Review}

If you are a Mom like me, you have have heard of Motivated Moms before.  Or maybe you are just hearing of the program and would like to know more about who and what Motivated Moms is.  Either way, you are going to love this program as much as I do.

So what is it?  Motivated Moms is a complete organizing program to help busy, often overwhelmed Moms stay on track and get things done.  Cleaning, organizing and keeping up with life is very challenging to say the least but Motivated Moms helps to make that challenge a little easier through it's wonderful and printable e-Book or their fun app!

I came across Motivated Moms a few years ago when I was looking for an inexpensive option to help me organize our home and our life.  I was at my wits end trying to keep up with it all.  I had two kids with Epilepsy and a son who had his own challenges educationally.  Homeschooling, being a Mom, wife and blogger left me completely lost and so overwhelmed that I was just ready to give up on it all.  So being a Techie Girl, I pulled up my big girl panties and went on the hunt to find the perfect program to get me through that season of life.  And I found it in Motivated Moms.

I must admit, I didn't jump into using this program right away though.  I couldn't bear to spend money on something I wasn't sure would work.  So I waited and I finally decided to take a chance on the Motivated Moms iPhone App.  It was amazing - right away, I found just what I had needed to get me motivated to doing what I needed to do each day.  This one little app kept me on task and I've been using it ever since.

Each day, when you log onto the Motivated Moms iPhone App, you are taken to the checklist for that very day.  this list has around 20 or so different tasks that should be completed that day.  Some are daily tasks and others are extra tasks for that day.  You can also add in Bible reading that you or the whole family can follow along with.  It's a complete and wonderful planner app for the entire family!

The daily tasks are fairly easy and normal mundane things that you usually do on a daily basis.  Things like change the kitchen towels or do the laundry or wipe the kitchen counters down.  Also things like feeding your pets, reading to your children and taking your vitamins or medications.

The extra tasks are varied, not routine and change daily.  These are things like wipe the bathroom mirror, declutter a nightstand, pay bills and dust the bookshelf.  They are all things that need done but things you may not think of or that are not done daily.

You are able to view these tasks by daily tasks, by today's task or by all tasks which includes the list of the two together.  You can also add to the tasks any appointments you may have or personal chores you need to accomplish on that date.  This is done simply by clicking the plus sign on the app in the upper left hand corner.

When you click on the plus sign to add a task, you are taken to another screen that allows you to input each detail for the task itself.  You can put in the task name, make the task hidden or seen, put in a date that the task is due, make the task repeat, assign the task to a family member and choose a room that the task should be completed in.  Once this is completed as you wish it to be, just click "save" in the upper right hand corner and the task will be added into the program to the day or days needed.

If you make a mistake or no longer need a task, you can choose to edit the tasks by clicking "edit" on the right upper side of the app while in the main checklist.  This will allow you to remove any tasks that aren't needed or wanted by you while using this program.

Next to edit is the download symbol of paper with an arrow on the iPhone.  Clicking this symbol allows you to print the list or email it as needed.  This is a great little feature for those who prefer paper checklists or who don't want to use their phone for that day.

In the center top of the app are the words "sort by".  Click there to sort the app alphabetically, by family member, room or by user sort.  This allows you to see who needs to do what, what needs done where or just view the list in order.

In the bottom left corner of the app is a calendar.  Click it to go to the "date" screen of the app to choose your date and see other dates in use for the app.  You can click to see yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's lists or select a date in the calender to see the list for that date.

On the bottom right side of the checklist page on the app is a setup emblem.  Clicking it takes you to the settings for setting up your app.  Here you can choose to turn on and off features.  Features of the app are Bible Reading, Moving Checked Tasks, Coloring Assignments, turning the Hidden tasks on and off, creating custom tasks, setting up family members through the people tab, and choosing rooms used in the app.  You can also find app Help, your account info, the privacy policy and contact info for the app here.

As I mentioned above, I've been using Motivated Moms for years and I really love this app.  It's been a great help to me and my family, though I must admit, sometimes I do still forget to use it.  I find that some of the tasks that come automatically on the app are not ones that I need or use so I often delete those right away but I didn't for this review so that I would be able to give a full and honest opinion of what's included on the app.  For example, I do not empty my trash daily because of our trash system that we already use.  I also do not prepare our clothing ahead since we are often home and can do that when we wake up each day.

Things I do use are the laundry and dishwasher reminders, plan dinner, clip children's nails, organize bills, and so much more.  All of these are simple things but sometimes I simply need the encouraging reminder to get these things done.

Motivated Moms is available both as an e-Book and as an App, which is what I choose to use.   Their are different versions of e-Books available and each book costs $8 a piece.  The Motivated Moms App is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod for $7 on iTunes.  There is a sample app available for $1.99 for two months of access to this planner.

You can also find Motivated Moms here:

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