Friday, January 30, 2015

Finding Me

I woke up one recent day and realized I really don't like myself.  There are parts of me that I absolutely love and parts of me that need repair.  There are lost parts that I'd like to find again and so many parts that I'd like to just change and remove from myself.

This year will be the year I work on all those things.  I wish to find myself, my happiness and love and light again.  I want to bring back the joy and the girl I should have been that I have allowed to be destroyed by life itself.

Life is a hard journey and it changes us, sometimes without even realizing it.  Over time we stop doing things that we love, things that make us unique.  We conform and just live day to day instead of really living life to the fullest.  The journey becomes heavy and a struggle.

It's time to find me - to bring to the front the joy of life and to live.  No reason to be scared as I am who I am and who God made me to be.  He has never failed me and He will not let me down.  I want to shine as He intended me to and with His help and His blessing I will do just that.

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