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Visual Learning Systems: Digital Science Online: Elementary Edition {Crew Review}

Visual Learning Systems Review
Visual Learning Systems is Digital Science Online for both Elementary and Secondary school levels.  For this review, we used the Digital Science Online: Elementary Edition with my 6 year old, Laycie.  The program has been great for our family.  Laycie has absolutely LOVED it!  Digital Science Online: Secondary Edition is also available to use with older students.

Visual Learning Systems Review
Digital Science Online is the all in one place to access Elementary science lessons.  I like this program because it's interactive, allowing Laycie to work at her own pace and it's informative which allows her to learn as much as possible in the time she works online.  This program fits both her and our family well.

Digital Science Online: Elementary Edition is an annual subscription allowing you access to the program for one year.  There are more than 135 units of study covering grades K-5.  Each of these units are visual in design, drawing the students interest to the lesson and keeping the mind intrigued.

Parents, students and teachers also have 24/7 access to the program so learning can happen at any time.  It's easy to use and allows many options for lessons.  This makes for a great program to learn by.  There are videos, images, and animations available throughout the program, along with access to student and teacher content.

Some of the primary subjects we covered have been measuring length, exploring sound, using electricity, observing weather changes, learning about seasons, and so much more.  Subjects covered through the program for Elementary are Physical, Earth, Life and Health science.  We learned so much for these wonderful lessons.

Laycie and all the kids have enjoyed using Visual Learning Systems: Digital Science Online.  It's been a great program for our family and has fit well with our learning style.  I look forward to using the program throughout this year with my children.

I also love the fact that the lessons are laid out so thoroughly.  The videos are easy to access along with the animations.  There are worksheets available to use with students to ensure they are learning the information provided to them in each lesson.  Learning objectives are also provided which are great to show just what is being taught by each lesson covered.

Laycie enjoys the lesson videos the most.  The simple things she learns intrigues her and leaves her wanting to learn more.  Since the lessons are thorough though, we don't have to outsource a lot to teach her more.  It's all provided right on the website, easy for her to see and learn.

Visual Learning Systems: Digital Science Online is available for $99 a year for either Elementary Science or Secondary Science access.  Digital Science Online: Elementary Edition is for students in grades K-5.  Digital Science Online: Secondary Edition is for students in grades 6-12.

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Visual Learning Systems Review
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Egglo Entertainment: An Egghunt Experience Like No Other {Crew Review}

Last year we were given the opportunity to review Egglo Eggs and other products for Egglo Entertainment.  We loved the company's products to much that we agreed to use them all over again this year!  Egglo Entertainment creates products that are exceptionally fun to use.

In our family, we're always looking for fun new items to use with our children.  We love having celebrations and gatherings that allow the kids to play and enjoy childhood.  We also love finding things that teach along with having fun.  

For this review, we were given a full set of Egglo Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs.  There are a dozen eggs per set.  These eggs are wonderful.  Made like regular Easter eggs, they come apart in the middle and are easy to open and close so you can fill them with treats and fun things.  Best thing though is these eggs GLOW in the dark!  That's right - you can hide them and see them at night.  You can even play hide and seek egg hunt inside with the lights out.  

These eggs also come with beautiful designs etched on the plastic, which shows as they glow.  They are charged through light like most glow in the dark products.  The colors are shine beautifully as they are used.  

In addition to the eggs, we received a copy of The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure.  This is a 40 page, full-color book all about Easter by Darcie Cobos.  It's illustrated by Golden Street Animations.  The illustrations are eye-catching and gorgeous!  We have read this book over and over because it is such a great story to read and share.

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure helps connect the use of Easter eggs to the story of Jesus by sharing the Gospel in an easy to understand and simple manner.  Following Hardy, Anastasia, Pascal and even Zeke the dog around as they search to find these glowing Easter eggs.  Each egg they find shares a bit of Jesus's story throughout the book.  Children learn from the adventures of these three children as they read the story. 

We also received a set of Egglo Treasure Scripture Scrolls.  These tiny little mini scrolls share the story of Jesus and provide some extra fun for children.  We stuck them inside the eggs to allow the kids to look over them and enjoy as we did our hunt.  

In addition to all of the above materials is the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide.  This is a one time download of all the curriculum necessary to use with the Egg-cellent Easter Adventure program.  This includes coloring pages, extra scrolls to share, mini paper Easter eggs, activities to complete, recipes for themed snacks, and so much more!  There are 60 pages in this curriculum set.

My children have truly loved playing with these eggs over the past year.  We haven't just used them at Easter but at several events.  They were so excited to receive a new set of eggs for this review because that allows us to have more eggs for them to find.  And at a $9.99 value, you can't beat the price!  We look forward to continue using these eggs and the other wonderful products that go along with them over the next  year.

You can purchase a set of Egglo Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs for $9.99.  The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is a full-color book and is available for $9.99 as well. You can purchase Egglo Treasure Scripture Scrolls for $4.50.  The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide/Curriculum is available for purchase for $9.99.  The entire Egglo Kit with curriculum all together can be purchased for $50.00.  Egglo products are for children of all ages!

You can find Egglo Entertainment in the following places online:

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Egglo Entertainment Review

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