Monday, April 18, 2016

New Adventures

Another month has passed by quickly. With the new found Spring, we find adventure outdoors together as a family. This is something completely new to us all and the kids are absolutely loving it! Well, we ALL are!

The weather has warmed up tremendously – though we currently have a bit of a cold front upon us as I type this – and it has brought the kids, and us adults, out of winter hiding. There's been a bit of rain but there's been a lot of sunshine as well. We look forward to this time of new beginning, both inside our home and outside.


It's a completely new adventure for me that began last August before we up and moved to NC. It began with new hope and love, with meeting Donald. Camping is something he loves to do. He's spent most of his life exploring outdoors.

Camping is something I never in a million years thought I would do. Not unless it involved a shiny RV. But Don encouraged me to give it a shot and y'all, I love it! There's nothing better than connecting with nature or sleeping out in a tent under the stars.

The kids are loving it, too – well, Winston and Laycie at least. Emma isn't so sure she's ready until we have a bigger tent for the family to share. Grandma swears she has never liked camping and doesn't think she'll like it now. And Jack has been up and down in his health this Winter with mild tummy bugs and colds, so we haven't yet taken him along with us. They are slowly being convinced to join us though and hopefully, in a few more weeks, they'll be willing to take that plunge. For now though, Laycie and Winston are loving the fun with Don and I.

It's good for Winston to be out and about. He's learning a lot about nature, first hand. Don's been teaching him to fish as well. Hopefully, they'll be out canoeing soon. He and Don have a lot in common which is great for both Donald and for Winston. It's amazing to see the transformation in them both. God's blessing shines through.

Win's growing up fast and his years left at home are limited. I'm so thankful he finally has a man in his life to teach him all about being a real man and I'm glad that Don is up for the task, enjoying it right along with him. It's a beautiful thing to see them both growing and gleaning wisdom from each other.

Laycie's right along with those guys. Every time, DaDa Don (as she calls him) takes out the fishing pole, she wants to go, too. He's taken her several times already and she's caught a couple of good-sized fish. She's learning to be patient and a little bit quieter so she can one day catch that monster bass. She's also getting pretty good at her owl calls with her DaDa Don's help.

So this is life for us now. A lot of out of the house, sleeping in tents in the great wild yonder. ReWilding. Getting back to nature and learning to love this life God has blessed us with as well as the many people in it. Bringing home close again so these kids of mine have the love, security and life they deserve to have. Life is a beautiful thing and I'm so blessed every day with my family and my little loves.   

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