Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Prep {Thoughts From Me}

This week has been spent on Halloween preparations.  The kids absolutely LOVE Halloween.  Not so much the scary stuff but just dressing up and pretending to be something else.  It's all in fun for us.

This year the costumes are:
Dark Pumpkin Man 
Good Witch 
Princess Fairy Witch 
and Black Cat.

I'll post pics for them once the date is past.
Each costume takes on it's own unique personality, designed for the wearer.  Each was chosen by the wearer to fit their interests and style.  After all, costumes are fun!!!

Now I know not everyone cares for Halloween or dressing up on the day.  For our family, it's the beginning of our Holiday season and we enjoy dressing up, bonding with each other as a family.  We simply enjoy our time together.

And that's what it's all about: being together as a family.  Bonding, sharing and loving each other.  Just as it should be.

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