Sunday, November 6, 2016

About blogging...

Some days I have no idea what to blog about so then this becomes a sort of diary for me.  An  outlet to get out my frustrations.  A way to let go and share myself with the world.

Most days I have no idea where these posts are going to go.  I just let my fingers type and my mind release it's thoughts onto digital paper.  As with most of our life, I go with the flow of things.

The problem with this is that there is no real stability in my blog content.  That's not necessarily a bad thing but just not a great thing when you're a blogger.  There is no particular spot for my posts.  There is no particular format for my posts.  There is no particular topic or style or method for my posts.  They just are.

As a blogger, as a writer, I would prefer to see myself writing more interesting posts to share with my readers.  I would prefer to see myself more organized in blogging and talking about life, homeschooling, even Epilepsy.  I would prefer to find my spot in this blogging world, claim it for myself and let it build into something beautiful.  I know that comes with time and effort though.

I have many friends who make blogging look so easy and in some ways it is when you have the content provided, such as in providing reviews and information to the public.  But when it comes down to the real life heart of blogging, it becomes harder to get past the chatter and into the meat of writing.

So this months goal is to just get back to writing.  Put pen to paper and go, or in this case, fingers on keyboard to digital paper and type.  Both end in fabulously unique results and that's my end goal.

This month is Epilepsy Awareness Month.  As you all know, it's a subject close to my heart as three of my four beautiful babies, along with myself have lived with Epilepsy for most of our life.  This month I will be sharing more about our life with Epilepsy, as I do often throughout the year.  Please message me if you have any questions you would be interested in having me answer for you.

And as always stay tuned for the next post...

With all my love,

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