Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November's End {Thoughts From Me}

Today is the last day of November.  The past month has been busy for us.  Work has started to return to normal and life is going back to how it was before Hurricane Matthew paid his visit in October.

I'm thankful this month is ending.  I am looking forward to December and then to a new year in 2017.  November has had some serious ups and downs for us.

One thing that happened is that Emmalee's therapy has ended.  I'm proud of her.  She had surgery to correct her toe-walking on both feet on June 20th and has since worked hard to relearn how to walk, balance, run, and kick.  The strength my daughter has is amazing to me.  She's come through so much and continues to become stronger every day.

November brought vacation time for my Mom this month and I will say it was the best week for us all.  She enjoyed her time with my brother and his family and we enjoyed our time together as a family without her around.  We rarely get to do that since she is currently living with us but it gave us a nice peak into our future.  I look forward to having that day to day in our lives again.

November brought us challenges.  We discovered mold in our bedroom which had been covered by paint that wasn't appropriate for it's treatment.  We also found our outer bedroom walls needed to be replaced.  We worked with our landlord to make this happen and are happy to say our home is now repaired.

November brought Thanksgiving.  We had a great family dinner.  We shared what we were thankful for.  That one meal fed us for almost a week on the leftovers.

November also brought our family a scare.  The wildfire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where my brother and his family currently live.  Another disaster.  More families without homes who have lost everything.  I'm thankful that my brother, sister-in-law, nephews, their pets and their extended family in the area are all okay.

One this last day of November, I find myself glad it's ending and praying that December comes with no problems, with nothing but blessings for everyone to finish out the year.  I hope that the next year is a better one because this one has surely been a struggle for so many.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who have been affected by this years disasters.  I pray that the next year will be a better one for us all!

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