Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 2016 {Thoughts From Me}

This year has been a hard one for many people, us included.  Money is tight.  Hurricane Mathew hit our area hard and caused setbacks as well.  Life has been a struggle.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to give the kids much for Christmas, which is a pretty big deal at our house.  My kids don’t usually get a lot throughout the year, so at Christmas they usually get bigger gifts and things.  This year the money just wasn’t there for us to do that.

I prayed about it.  I felt led to ask online for help, not expecting anything in return.  In doing so, our family was truly blessed by others this year, who saw to it my kids had most of their wishes come true.  It has been a true Christmas miracle.

Everyone received something important for them.  Jack got lots of Dinosaurs, Laycie got a Doc McStuffin’s cart for doctoring her toys, Emma got pencils and art supplies, Win got video games and a new system.  Each of them went shopping and bought gifts for each other and we also baked to give to family this year. 

Even though Christmas began as a struggle, it has ended up being one of our best Christmas’s yet.  I’m very thankful to each of those who helped to make this Christmas happen.  You have shown my family the meaning of true friendship and caring.  God bless you all!


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