Saturday, December 3, 2016

Random Thoughts…

Random thoughts.  Do you get those?  Totally random things popping into your head at any given time?  Usually with no rhyme or reason as to why.

Well, I suppose from this post you can guess that I do.  I go completely off track with my thinking and I feel that my brain is constantly going 100% all of the time.  I am always thinking of something and yet of nothing at all.  Not of importance at least.

Then there is the forgetfulness.  Sometimes I think so much that I forget mid-sentence what I was just thinking about.  For example, today I was talking to Donald, asking him about his day.   I was about to ask him something specific and mid-thought I completely forgot! 

Now this isn’t a big deal for something small but forgetfulness and randomness because an issue with bigger things.  Like forgetting to call in a medication script for my daughter.  Or forgetting to write out a blog post for the week or for a review item.  Forgetting you made an appointment for Thursday. (Yes, I did that one this week!  Eek!!)

I often feel that my blog posts are random as well.  I’d like to find a way to make them more structured and more focused but how can you do that when you have trouble focusing yourself?!  I contribute it to my undiagnosed ADD.  Or is it ADHD?  I’m pretty sure I have one of those and I know my poor kids do as well.

So how do you manage to keep your thoughts in order and stop being random with them?  How do you create posts that are structured and more organized?  Any tips you have for  me?  Feel free to leave me any ideas you may have in a comment below.  I look forward to all of your suggestions.

Random sky pic from a few months back.

On an additional note we’ve reached 700 blog posts at Luv’N Lambert Life and have many more to come!  This particular post is my first written and posted with Open Live Writer.  So far I’m loving this blog writing software and look forward to using it for my posts from now on.  All the ease of blogging with a format like a word processor program.  Added benefit is that there is a word count tool built in too! (So far this post is at 389 words and counting.)  You can even link up and add images to your posts right from Open Live Writer.  Awesome right?

Well that’s it from me tonight.  Hope you all have a blessed week!


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