Thursday, December 15, 2016

Who’s Fault Is It Really?

Last night I was at home watching a movie with Don and the rest of the family. I am pretty sure it was a Christmas movie, yet I can’t remember the name.  It was the typical man and woman meet and fall in love movie.  Yet, near the end of the movie, there was one statement that really hit home for me.

You see in all my failed relationships, the other person has always pointed the failure towards me, yet I never felt the failure was completely my fault.  The men in my  life have always tried to make me feel that I was the problem, that it wasn’t them.  They have told me that I would continue to find the same problems over and over because, well, that problem was me.

Honestly, I was beginning to believe them.  Then Donald came along and he has worked to change my thinking.  Trust me, it’s been really hard for him to do but this movie confirmed what he’s told me since we met.

You see, it was never me that was the problem.  It wasn’t really them that was the problem either.  The real problem was that these guys I was with were never meant for me.  Since they weren’t right for me, our relationships could never work.  It wasn’t anything either of us did, it was simply the wrong person for me to be with.

Now I know that’s easy to see now but it wasn’t so easy to see when I was with them.  And walking away doesn’t make it easy to see when you have been told over and over that you are the problem.  Sometimes it takes a HUGE wake-up call, like hearing it said straight out in a random movie, to make you realize, “Hey, I’m not the problem here!”

We can never be happy with the wrong person.  God created us each to be unique and He created each of us to fit one other unique individual.  That individual is our other half, the love of our life, our soulmate. 

I’m blessed to have truly found mine, to know of his love for me, for my children, for our family and our life together.  Sure things aren’t always perfect because we’ve both been brainwashed by being in the wrong relationship before finding one another and finding our right relationship, but we work hard to heal and love and move forward together.  We are learning to forgive, to depend on each other and to embrace our life as it should be with one another. 

When love is right, it’s just right.  You know it wholeheartedly.  I’m so thankful to have found my love in Don and also to have found this healing piece of truth from something so simple as this.

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