Friday, January 27, 2017

And Then God Answers... {Epilepsy Awareness}

Last week, I was at my wits end trying to find something to write about on our little blog.  My brain was just blocked.  No ideas would come.  I was seriously about to give up on this writing thing and just give y'all nice little Wordless Wednesday Images and reviews for the rest of my blogging career.

But God, wouldn't have it!  He wants me to write.  He's given me a voice for a reason.  To share, to teach, to show others our life.

Recently, I was on Facebook as I often am throughout my day, and my attention was drawn to several posts within private groups that I am in.  Those responses generated messages in my private inbox from those who wished to know our story a bit better. And since I love to talk and share, I couldn't turn down the chance to give hope to others.

Through this, I was reminded just how important it is to write and share our journey with Epilepsy.  God spoke... He really yelled at me and asked why I wasn't writing and sharing this testimony that He's given to us.  And my honest answer is that I just don't know.

If you've read my past posts on Epilepsy, then you know I don't find it to be a burden but instead a blessing.  I know we could have a worse disease or disorder.  For our family, Epilepsy is challenging but it is our life.

For 37 years, I've had some relationship with this disorder. (I choose to call it a disorder while some classify it as a disease.  To each their own.)  It began with having seizures as a child, then again as an adult.  When Emmalee was 3 months old, it changed to being an Epilepsy Momma and later to being an Epilepsy Momma of 3 with E.  This led to me being an advocate for Epilepsy and an Epilepsy blogger.

My reason for sharing is that I want my children to know they are not alone in this.  I want others to know they are not alone in this.  I want the World to know that it's okay to have Epilepsy!

Growing up, my Mother didn't tell the world I had Epilepsy.  It was something you kept hidden so others didn't judge you.  She would tell my teachers and advise the school but that was pretty much it.  She made me aware and prevented me from doing many things.  I wasn't allowed to spend the night with friends or do activities that could cause me to hit my head.  I was pretty sheltered and protected by her.

As a Mother, I understand why she chose to parent me that way.  I also knew what I wanted to change for my own children.  I didn't want my children to be kept from doing anything they truly wanted.  I also didn't want to put them through the public school challenges of dealing with teachers who just didn't understand their mental challenges in learning, so we chose to homeschool.

My mother was lucky in that out of her three children, she only has me with Epilepsy and I was her baby.  In my own family, I have my oldest son who doesn't have Epilepsy and my following three who do have some form of the disorder.  All of us are uniquely different in our Epilepsy but I will discuss those differences later in another post.

But for now, this is what has inspired me.  God has led me to share my life story, our life story, in order to help others.  I hope you enjoy our posts and find them helpful as we hope to inspire you.

God bless,

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