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The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz {Schoolhouse Review}

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

For those who may have missed my announcement on Facebook last month, I'm happy to announce that I've rejoined the Homeschool Review Crew, a division of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.   I've greatly missed the crew, the amazing products, wonderful vendors and I've especially missed being able to share such wonderful products with you.  So without further interruption, let's get started with the first of many awesome products I'll be reviewing this year and sharing here on the blog:
The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz!

About the Review:
Zondervan is a company that has blessed our home for many years now.  Zonderkidz is the kid's department for Zondervan which provides quality educational and Biblical materials to use with your family at home.  We have used and loved many of their products in our home for at least 16 years now, since the birth of my oldest son.  So when the opportunity came to review The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz, I immediately knew this was a review that I wanted to do.

About the Book:
The Beginner's Bible is a story Bible that is filled with wonderful imagery.  It includes 90 different Bible stories written for children to comprehend.

This is a Bible meant for small children, ages 6 and under who are just learning to read or who need help reading.  It's a wonderful read-aloud book or book to read with your child.  It is definitely one of our family favorites.
The Beginner's Bible was first released in 1989 and has sold over 25 million products.  To me, that's an amazing number.  27 years later, this wonderful Bible is still a wonderful addition to any family's library.

Recently, Zonderkidz updated The Beginner's Bible to include new 3D full color illustrations in bright vibrant colors.  This really makes the stories come to life.  The images really pop off the pages with this new artwork style.

The Beginner's Bible also features large, easy to read font.  This is perfect for younger children who often become anxious with smaller print.  It wasn't too bad for this Momma either, as sometimes reading stories in small print can be hard to keep up with when you're holding a small child.

The Beginner's Bible is 512 pages in length.  These pages are now glossy whereas the older versions of The Beginner's Bible had matte paper pages, which is sometimes difficult to keep clean with small hands.  The pages are still paper but the glossy finish does allow for light wiping that could not be managed before.  This was a change that I was happy to see!

 Included in the front of The Beginner's Bible is a Dedication page where you can write in your child's name so they know this Bible is just for them.  There is also a Table of Contents included behind the Dedication page to help you locate favorite Bible stories.

 The first part of the book begins in the Old Testament just like an adult Bible would, starting with Genesis' The Beginning and ending with Jonah and the Big Fish.  The New Testament is also included, beginning with An Angel Visits Mary and ending with Jesus Is Coming!  At the very back of the book there is also included a brief dictionary to help explain some of the important Biblical words your child may not know.  

How We Used The Product In Our Home:
The Beginner's Bible was easily adapted into our family's day to day routine.  I'm lucky to have two little readers who enjoy looking at pictures and discussing what they see.  They enjoy reading Bible stories so they were very excited to have a new copy of The Beginner's Bible to share and read together.

We read our copy of The Beginner's Bible as a bed-time story to start out but that didn't last long, as both my younger children begged to hear more throughout the day.  They also requested on several times to have their siblings read to them, which is great practice for the older two in reading aloud.  We found this book quickly became an important part of our day to day.
Jack really loved this BIG FISH!

With Jackson, who is four and just learning that letters make words and words have meaning, we sat together and looked over many of the pictures inside The Beginner's Bible one on one.  We also read some of the stories, varied throughout the book as he choose which ones interested him the most.  We discussed who Jesus was and is after finding his picture on the last story page of the book.  But overall, Jack's favorite story was Jonah and the Big Fish because Jack's world is all about fish and dinosaurs right now.  He loves all fish stories so I was thrilled to share this one with him.

With Laycie, who is 8 but mildly delayed in her learning due to her health, we read our copy of The Beginner's Bible together.  She chose to read more of the book in order, as she prefers things to follow from beginning to end.  She read the words she knew and I helped her decipher many of the words she didn't know.  We discussed the images that went along with the stories, taking note of the importance in each image that went along with each story we read.  She really loved all the stories and didn't have an absolute favorite.

I often found her with our copy of The Beginner's Bible, reading it to her dolls and sharing God's word with her siblings when we weren't reading it together.  This warmed my heart to know how special The Beginner's Bible became to her so quickly.  I know it will continue to do so in the future.

How You Can Obtain This Item:
The Beginner's Bible is available from Zonderkidz.  It is currently priced at $16.99.  
You can purchase The Beginner's Bible online at the Zonderkidz/Zondervan website.

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